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Stephen King: No, thanks, I don't need an iPad; I've got my Kindle

Kindle2 And in more Stephen King news: Don't think the master of horror is going to be one of the besotted fools rushing out to buy an iPad Saturday. In the April 2 edition of Entertainment Weekly, King writes that's he's perfectly happy with his Kindle and has no need of the new Apple product that has everyone hysterical.

"I know it will do more things than my Kindle, but I don't want more things," writes King, who wrote a story for and about the Kindle called Ur, "about an e-reader that can access books and newspapers from alternate worlds."

 "If I want other stuff - movies, TV shows, weather forecasts, the forthcoming Josh Ritter album - I have my Mac. When it comes to reading, the Kindle supplies everything I want, thanks."

He also adds that while the Kindle is a wonderful supplement, it will never totally replace his books. BtC, being middle-aged, applauds that sentiment.


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just sayin

that is what they all say. resisting is futile.


i love the look of the ipad but it looks too big to comfortably read books on. newspapers and magazines, yes...books, not really. but i'd have to hold it to tell.

just sayin

it makes so much sense and would prevent having to lug a laptop on trips. i never fell for the iphone... but this thing...i want big time...but will wait til the 2nd gen or 3rd gen. apple is notorious for cutting price and upping memory if a thing sells well.


never buy an apple product til the third generation at least

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