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The future of reading and the iPad?

Ipad Herald film critic Rene Rodriguez posted this story on the iPad and its future as the reading tool of choice on Facebook, written by a book designer. It's definitely worth a read. And don't skip the comments at the end, either.

I don't suppose it will inspire my bosses to expense an iPad for me to try out, however...


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Chauncey Mabe

That's so depressing I have to go lie down. Fortunately, I'm unemployed, so I can lie down whenever I want. Oh...wait. I hocked the couch...

Joey Johnson

I am a book man forever.


Wow! That entire discussion is better than a lot of the curriculum I studied in various Communications classes at school.


Chauncey, I have an old couch you can have, only you're going to have to take one of my dogs with it. He's pretty attached to it. Anyway, I am not depressed by this iPad situation. I know this means I am sucked in by Apple like a 10 year old longing for a bright pink Nano, but I WANT ONE. I want to try reading books on it. This will also help with the very real situation of having no more room to store books in my house, much as I might like to.

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