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A mixed review of iPad as e-reader

Ipad Robert Strohmeyer, executive editor for PCWorld, has mixed feelings about the iPad as an e-reader:

"Now that I've spent a few hours with the iPad and test-driven the three e-book apps that were available on launch day, I'm loving my Kindle more than ever."

His gripes? The glare on the iPad screen and its "weighty industrial design."

Click here to read the whole story.

On another (iPad) note, I find it hilarious that the Apple website refers to it as a "magical and revolutionary product." Revolutionary, OK. But magical? What is it, a Sorting Hat or something?


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Brett Bayne

The product has made $500 to $900 disappear from the pockets of millions of people in the thick of the worst recession in modern times. That's not magical enough for you?


Hmmm, good point!


Kindle Schmindle.

Eudora, Coconut Grove


Apple says it delivered more than 300,000 iPads on Saturday.

ive seen the future..it starts with an i.

The glare can be controlled. I buy the weight gripe. However, what i have seen blows away the Kindle. This is it for Amazon's e-reader.

Anyone that says otherwise is an Apple hater, holds a lot of Amazon stock or is a relative of Jeff Bezos.

The iPad is as good and revolutionary as advertised.


I want one!!

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