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It's iPad Friday! Let's get crazy!

If you know how many hours remain until the iPad goes on sale - and don't we all!? - you'll want to know that the iBooks app has gone live in the App store and is ready for download. Click here for more info.

Want to see the first guy in line to buy an iPad and laugh at him because we all know it's better to wait/grumble because you wish you had his spot? Click here.

If you can't figure out whether or not you actually need an iPad - I do, I do! - the New York Times will help you decide.


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Fan of the blog

You know, I love my iPhone (and my iPod Classic, and my iPod Shuffle, and my iPod New Shuffle), but for the life of me I can't figure out what I'd do with an iPad.


I don't have a blackberry or laptop or e-reader, so I can say that I could use it for all those purposes. Although it is not clear I actually NEED any of those things, so ... I don't think I'll be spending the money.

I don't even have an iPhone!

Fan of the blog

As much as I love my Apple devices, I think I'm just not ready for this one. I don't need to interact, I just want to read. But, I can see where it would be awesome in lieu of a netbook or a Kindle.

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