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LOLdogs get their own book

Hotdog Take that, LOLcats of Icanhazcheezburger.com - the LOLdogs will have their day, starting...now.

Grand Central has just released  I Has a Hotdog, a collection of absolutely ridiculous (and funny) photos with poorly spelled captions ("Cat is frend...not fud") of dogs doing, well, goofy dog things. The cats already have their own book, and, like theirs, this one is based on the website. There's a lot of that going around lately - prepare for the book versions of Twitter's Sh*t My Dad Says, Awkward Family Photos and more.

Anyway, while BtC is not by any means anti-cat, we are definitely pro-dog, and we (and by we I mean I - why am I talking like this?) spent a good half an hour laughing at the mutts in this book. Get a copy of I Has a Hotdog - which is written by "Professor Happycat," aka Ben Huh, CEO of the Cheezburger network, which includes the FAIL blog - put it on your desk and flip through it when you need a laugh.


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Well, I guess this is one dog story that really merits a review. A laugh in this country certainly rates higher than pondering the eternal challenges: sustaining democracy, avoiding intolerance, resisting appeasement and recognizing the fragility of civil rights taken for granted. Little wonder we might all just end up under an authoritarian boot some day.


I would think laughter would be one of the important facets of NOT ending up under an authoritarian boot, frankly.

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