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Longwood woman refused to return library's "Gossip Girl" books

Gossip If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to read this story from The Orlando Sentinel about a mom from Longwood, FL., who refused to return several Gossip Girl books to Lake Mary library because she objected to their "racy" content.

Tina Harden returned the books Thursday - she'd held them since 2008 - and says she made her point (now that she's fielding media requests, of course). She wants the library to waive the $85 fine. What, $85 is too much to spend for your principles? Follow the rules, Ms. Harden, and pay up. You'll look more committed (and like more of a fan of reading).

But parents, help me out here: You absolutely have the right to veto what your kids read. But why do you get to decide what other kids should read? Shouldn't that be up to their parents? I just will never understand this. (Also, on a side note, I am pretty sure reading Gossip Girl isn't what leads teenagers to smoke pot or have sex, though that's just a guess on my part. Perhaps based on the fact that I read The Exorcist at 12, and it didn't make me want to be possessed by Satan.)


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I remember reading some adult book around nine or ten or so and coming across a word I didn't know the meaning of. So I went to my mom and asked her what a prostitute was. And, as of today, I have yet to become a prostitute.


Are you saying that you were possessed by the devil just by coincidence? That seems like a stretch.


There are always those who think they know best and want to impose their views on others. Even more so when a story on a friggin LIBRARY fine becomes a big story and makes the idiot in question famous for a few days.

I read the Bible when I was a kid and it is full of sex and horrible violence.


I was NOT possessed by the devil, but I can spin my head around 360 degrees, especially when people annoy me at work.

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