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A full-color Kindle - by Christmas?

That's what the website Pocketlint suggests in a story about Qualcomm Mirasol's new screen technology and a demo at the company's San Diego campus, at which it was strongly hinted that Amazon would soon adopt the technology. Or so says the writer.

Does a color e-reader influence your desire to buy one? Or are you already an e-reader owner and sorry you were an earlyish adapter?


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What books that we know of, besides, say, children's books, have color in them anyway? Do I want to read War and Peace in pink font? Hells no!


Graphic novels and comics, for one...now I don't read many of those, so that doesn't affect me. But what if you could download magazines!? Cooking Light looks awfully good in color...so does EW (you can tell my magazine reading is really highbrow...)


Ha! Yes, and a supermarket rag is nothing without FULL! COLOR! PHOTOS! of celebs just like us with cellulite. Ah, I always forget about comics and graphic novels. And yes, ok, ok, magazines in color are a must. Absolutely. I was going to buy a Kindle now but will wait for the color version.


Imagine Star mag in black and white! You have to have full color to appreciate the "Stars Without Makeup" segments.

Tennis Gal

Oh great, thanks for posting just weeks after I bought a nook.


Well, it's still a "maybe" at this point, but color is coming eventually. iPad has made sure of that...but I guess this is always the case with technology. The old Shuffle I have holds 250 songs. Now the same thing holds 1,000!


just look at the iPhones. as soon as you get to the front of the line to buy the latest, there's a newer, improved version ready.
I hate technology.

james  braselton

hi there nintendo 3ds has 3d E-BOOKS soo every one is light years behind nintendo 3ds e-BOOK reader 3d movies 3d youtube 3d interenet

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