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Deconstructing "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Lee As readers and writers around the country celebrate the 50th anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird, my esteemed colleague (and famous contrarian) Chauncey Mabe asks if it's finally time to admit that Harper Lee's book isn't very good.

Now, before you storm off to his Open Page blog to flame him, check out what he has to say. He actually likes the book - or did when he first read it - and has recommended the book often, he writes, to friends, readers and his own kids. But he's found a few folks who are less than enthusiastic about Ms. Lee's lone novel for a variety of reasons (it's only for kids, it's racist, blah blah blah). Read it and see for yourself.

I find it hard to think of anything negative about a book that so profoundly moved me at such a young age, but maybe if you fall in love with a book as a kid you never really outgrow it. I almost wish I'd read it as an adult.


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there is some truth to that line of Thought speaks of. TKAMB is my favorite book for the impact it had on me as a kid. but I tried rereading it recently and put it right down. its limitations are evident quickly. I didn't want to spoil its place in my heart ..... so i put it down and won't try again.


I've resisted reading it again for that very reason. I'd rather keep my good memories.

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Nice Review. Its my favorite book for the impact it had on me as a kid. but I tried reading it recently and put it right down.

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