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First in "Glee" book series due out in August

The moment I've been waiting for has happened: I get an excuse to let my not-so-inner Gleek fly and mention my favorite TV show in this blog. Harmonic convergence! (Which would be the name for my glee club, if I were in one, much better than the not-at-all-stupidly named "Aural Intensity")

Mrshue And it's legit, too: The Associated Press reports that Little Brown Books for Young Readers (!) that it will release five "authorized" books based on the Fox hit TV series Glee, which follows the musical and personal adventures of the misfits in an Ohio high school singing group, their smoking hot white-boy-rapper instructor with curls to die for and the evil cheerleading coach whose goal is to destroy him, preferably while wearing track suits in every color of the rainbow, swilling power shakes and grooving to Madonna's Immaculate Collection. Because she's loved Madge ever since she was a little girl.

The Beginning, a prequel novel, is due out in August before Glee starts its second season.


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