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Mashable readers like real books; they really, really like them

In an utterly meaningless but nonetheless interesting poll, Mashable reports that 41.9 percent of its readers prefer "real" books over e-books. Book fans, take heart! Granted, it's a small sample size - very small! - but there seem to be few victories these days.

The rest of the poll numbers may show something more interesting: 23.24% chose e-books, and 34.96% said both types of books have merits. That may be the most interesting figure of 'em all.


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A Facebook User

I think I might be in the "both" camp (even though I don't have an e-reader yet). I can imagine if I was traveling a lot I would appreciate not having to carry lots of books and never having to worry about running out of reading material on a long flight. This is where the Kindle and Nook beat out the iPad, with long battery life, so no fear of running out of juice too.

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