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Poll: Stephen King is our favorite writer

King A recent Harris Poll reveals that Americans truly have a taste for horror: A survey says that Stephen King is their (our?) favorite writer. Good news, America! King's latest book, Full Dark No Stars - a collection of four novellas - is due out Nov. 9

Rounding out the top 10 are some not-terribly-surprising names: James Patterson, John Grisham, JD Robb (Nora Roberts to you), Tom Clancy, Dean Koontz, Danielle Steel, Dan Brown, J.K. Rowling (I wondered when we were going to get to her) and J.R.R. Tolkien. Doesn't it seem Stephenie Meyer should be on this list? The poll, taken online in August, surveyed readers over 18, but still...

Kingbook Other tidbits from the poll:

Among those who say they read at least one book in an average year (!!!!! one!) eight in 10 have read a fiction book in the past year (79%); 78% say they've read a nonfiction book. Among fiction readers, almost half say they read mystery, thriller and crime books; a quarter read science fiction and literature. One in five confess to reading romance novels and one in 10 have read graphic novels in the past year. Less than one in 10 read chick-lit and westerns.

One in 10 use an e-reader, but the poll indicates those who use e-readers read more. Click here for to read all of the results.


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