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Bush book fair tickets go fast

Maybe the midterm elections should have predicted this, or maybe a former leader of the free world is always going to draw a crowd.

Either way, the tickets for former President George W. Bush's  appearance at Miami Book Fair International sold out in less than 10 minutes on Monday, prompting a brief flurry of frustrated emails and phone calls (to me, anyway). Was there a conspiracy afoot? Were tickets not put on sale for "regular" people? ("regular" not being my word, but from one of the emails I received).

The Herald's Clark Spencer reports that some tickets were set aside for big shots, but tickets were made available for the public. They just sold out in a matter of minutes. The Chapman Conference Centerm  where Bush will talk about his new memoir Decision Points, holds around 700 people, a pretty small venue for a former leader of the free world.

Political figures have always been popular at the fair; Al Gore and Madeleine Albright were standing-room-only events, and anybody who braved the lines at Barack Obama's event a few years back - before he was elected president, mind you - can attest to the popularity of politics among the usually left-leaning book fair crowds.


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