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Google Editions: Savior or not?

Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal reported that the time was almost at hand for the launch of the long-awaited Google Editions, the e-book adventure that's been on hold for months now. It was originally supposed to launch last summer; now we're hearing by the end of the year.

The idea is that users will be able to buy books directly from Google or online retailers (including independent bookstores), download them to a library with a Google account and read them on pretty much any web browser. It's an ideal plan for readers who don't want to be locked into using one specific device to read.

But will independent bookstores also be winners here? Depends on who you ask.

Michael Tucker, president of the independent American Bookseller's Association, says the launch will be a great thing: "It puts us on a level playing field with Amazon and Apple," he told The San Francisco Chronicle.

But Lydia Dishman of Bnet (the CBS interactive business network) is skeptical, citing questions about pricing and Google's terms with publishers. Her plan? To take a wait and see approach. Click here to read her column.



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Well, I wouldnt really say theyre dangerous, rather just not an ideal snack, by themselves while not in the midst of prepping for or recovering from a workout.

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