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Join other Janeites at Books & Books

Jane Are you a Janeite longing to bask in the joyous fellowship of others who share your passion but unable to because sadly there is no Miami-Dade or Broward chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America?

Books & Books is here to help. At 4 p.m. Sunday the Coral Gables store will host its first ever meeting of Janeites, who until this time had to drive all the way to West Palm Beach to celebrate the fabulousness of the beloved British writer. That's enough to ruffle anyone's petticoats.

Eliza If you're not sure whether you're a Janeite or not, here's an easy test to determine your Janeite status: Have you watched the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth more than twice? And did you rewind the scene where Mr. Darcy jumps in the pond in the flowing white shirt? If so, there's a good chance you will be among friends Sunday.

Books & Books is located at 265 Aragon Ave. in Coral Gables.


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Like most other English majors in the Anglo-American world I love the BBC P&P -- owned it VHS, own it on DVD -- but I have to say for Jane film adaptations, I still think the movie of Persuasion with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds is the best. Even though I still don't know how to pronounce "Ciaran."


Love that Persuasion adaptation, too. Still, one has to appreciate the miniseries of P&P just because it was so thorough!

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