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Riding "The Wave" with Susan Casey and friends

Thewave Finally getting back to audiobooks again, and I just finished listening to the audio version of Susan Casey's The Wave, about freak waves and their impact on the planet now and in the future. Casey interviews scientists and surfers in her quest, but the most thrilling part of the book are the adrenalin-fueled adventures of surfers like Laird Hamilton and his band of like-minded tow surfers, who travel the world seeking big waves.

Casey, who was recently on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, also visits Lloyd's of London to discuss the tricky business of insuring ships against the whims of Mother Nature and interviews of climatologists seeking to determine the future of big waves and what it means for those of us who live on the coasts (hint: don't invest in beach property any time soon).

Overall, a great read. The only drawback to the audio is you miss the jaw-dropping photos of Hamilton and other surfers that accompany the book.

Click here to read Herald reviewer Larry Lebowitz's assessment, which is far more elegant than mine. 


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