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Snooki's book not selling well - surprise!

Shorething Maybe it's a sign that the apocalypse isn't as nigh as we thought. Or maybe it's just because even fans of Jersey Shore have enough sense to be wary of the literary asperations of the guidos and guidettes. Or maybe we all have realized there are just better things to do.

Whatever the cares, you can insert your own snotty comment after I tell you that the Hollywood Reporter reports that despite a massive media blitz by its "author," A Shore Thing - a "novel" that Snooki "wrote" - has sold just shy of 9,000 copies so far.

Honestly, the real surprise is it sold THAT many.

The HR speculates that one of the reasons the book has failed is that it's not a tell-all memoir but then undermines its own theory by pointing out that the nonfiction Here's the Situation by Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has only sold 12,200 copies since last November. Guess Sorrentino didn't tell enough.



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Bitten Twice

There is more to becoming a successful author than simply placing content between the jackets.

Presumably fame will only take you so far. Still 9,000 is a fair number.

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