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E-book sales: Rocking like a hurricane

You can like 'em or you can think they're the sign of the End Times, but one thing is for sure: ebooks are selling.

Sales in February increased at a faster rate than they did in January, PW.com reports. Ebook sales jumped 202.3 percent, hitting $90.3 million, at the 16 publishers that reported results to the American Association of Publishers. The organization, says PW, speculates that the sales were fueled by the owners of relatively new e-readers - thanks, Santa! - downloading plenty of new stuff to read.

The bad news, if you're a print fan: sales continued downward for print books, with adult hardcovers down 43 percent. I'm going to have to start looking at those Nooks/Kindles/Sonys, I suppose...


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Look at an iPad! I've had a Kindle for a couple years; it's OK -- and facilitates impulsive book-buying to a scary extent -- but really lust after an iPad. And if my library gets Overdrive and can start halfway convenient ebook lending, I'm definitely going iPad ...


I can see that happening in the future...

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