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"Bossypants" by Tina Fey - get the audiobook

Like anything ever written by David Sedaris, Tina Fey’s Bossypants virtually begs to be listened to instead of read. Hearing the actual wise-ass voice of the former Saturday Night Live writer and creator of the brilliant NBC sitcom 30 Rock enhances the entire experience.

Bossypants Not that Fey can’t write funny; she’s proven she can, and if you choose to read this comic memoir you’ll be well entertained as Fey leads you through her life, from her awkward childhood and adolescence outside Philadelphia to her years doing improv at Second City in Chicago to her first on-screen work on “Weekend Update” at SNL and to her thoughts on why 30 Rock ever got the go-ahead (“Alec Baldwin”). You may also enjoy her opinions on the differences between male and female comedy writers — “Men urinate in cups” — and why other mothers should stop being so damned fascist about breastfeeding.

But listening to Bossypants is about as close to spending five and a half hours with the frazzled, overwhelmingly funny Liz Lemon as you’re going to get (unless you buy the DVD sets, which Fey hawks periodically and humorously here). The audiobook also includes the uproarious original SNL sketch in which Fey appeared as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin with Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton. Fey explains how the sketch came about and how her impression of Palin — though she’d never done impersonations — became a pop cultural phenomenon.

Bossypants is the perfect answer to idiots who claim women aren’t funny. Fey is. Listen and find out for yourself. And never go with a hippie to a second location.


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I'm gonna get it!!!! Thanks!

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