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Miami proposes to close 13 libraries

Edison Yes, I have my occasional wars with the library system (Broward County in my case - and no, I still don't understand why I have to update my phone number IN PERSON and not online; it's 2011, for crying out loud). But I sympathize with Miami-Dade library users now, even though many go to use the free Internet services and not to check out books.

Check out this story from The Miami Herald's Matt Haggman and Martha Brannigan:

"Seeking to close a $400 million budget gap, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s budget proposal, which includes a laundry list of cuts, features one particularly tough measure: shuttering 13 libraries across Greater Miami.

A decade ago, the county launched a library expansion plan that resulted in the opening of 18 branches. Now many of those would be closed. The reductions would save about $18 million, while eliminating 191 jobs in an overall plan that eliminates 1,292 positions countywide."

Click here to read the whole story.



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Blanca Mesa

Miami Dade County residents, including those who voted for Carlos Gimenez, care about libraries. And use them. In fact there was a story a few months ago in the Herald about how in distressed economic times, more people are using the library system. In 1988, residents actually voted to tax themselves even more to improve the libraries. The Book Trust Fund a property tax levy of one-half mill above the County's ten-mill cap was approved by the voters in 1988 for two years for the purchase of books for, and enhancements to, the Miami-Dade Public Library System.
What do the Friends of the Library think about these proposed cuts?
Every library user should speak up!


cut hours, but don't close the libraries. instead cut the massive waste and fraud in salaries and benefits for all the government "workers" in this bloated county.


Who do you think staff the libraries? Government workers. Librarians are government workers -who all have master's degrees, wear many hats: giving answers from the simplest to the most complex topics (business,health, humanities, etc. etc), teaching classes to the community (computers, job search, etc.), doing structured story times for the children, helping with homework, recommending reading to patrons, serving the needs of everybody that come through their doors. Yes, they are hard working "government workers."

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