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What are you reading now?

Coulter “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is by itself on my bedside table since it’s at least 40,000 pages long. I want to have it finished (for the second time) before [I see] the final movie. . . . I love all the Harry Potter books — the incredible imagination, the grit of the themes and how you just know to your soul that at the end, good will overcome evil. And what an adventure getting there. J.K. Rowling is an amazing writer.”

Catherine Coulter, author of Split Second


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I am currently reading two books, one hardback and one eBook on kindle. "Booth's Sister" by Jane Singer and "The English Teacher" by Lily King. Two totally different topics yet both totally fascinating reads! I just finished "Girl Interrupted" and found it interesting but the end was somewhat lackluster. I prefer books that end with such a way that I ponder it and then discuss it with friends and ultimately end up seeking out reader reviews on the web. Happy reading to all!

Aaron Summers

Currently reading "Dead Man's Hand: Memoirs of Old Dade County", like a trip back in time to Miami-Dade before the hyphen.


I'm reading a political thriller by Pat Riley called "Executive Deception." It's based on research drawn from real life characters and takes readers on a wild ride through the streets of Miami, the jungles of Columbia, and the hallowed halls of Capitol Hill. Riley gets inside the heads of those willing to stop at nothing in their rise to power. The main character, Brian O'Brien, is a cop's cop who fights against all odds to bring justice to light. Riveting, engaging, and smart.

Brian Williams

I love reading about Miami, we film pretty well too (-;

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