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What are you reading now?

Dalton “I’m making my way — carefully and very happily — through Gryphon, Charles Baxter’s career-spanning story collection. I’m a long time fan of Charles Baxter. I discovered him in my early 20s, and his work made everything else I’d been reading feel a bit hollow. There’s a subtle current in Baxter’s finest stories that feels mysterious and deeply wise and spiritual.”

John Dalton, author of The Inverted Forest


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♥ Angela ♥

It has been long since i have read a fiction novel; well it seems that the Gryphon is great book to start reading fiction books again. I would love to read books that can give you trills & excitement in every page.

Gary - Orlando Wedding Photographers

Over the summer I have read the Asian Saga by James Clavell. The series spans his work over a long period of time and I have found great enjoyment in the years of "history" involving the Noble House and it's Tai Pans. Very long books (about 1000 pgs each)but a very rewarding investment!

I am planning a series of composite portraits based on the characters!


i'm reading now electric baracuda from tim dorsey his books are addicting and really fun.


RIght now I am reading No Higher Honor by Condoleezza Rice. Must admit I am not the biggest fan BUT I actually like to read the other side and what they have to say. I was looking for a reason to read this and what better one than reading it because its a featured book on The Book Report Radio show recorded in MIAMI! It is a fantastic fantastic show that has book reviews, author interviews, and just a wonderful host Elaine Charles. In fact she used to work at the Miami Herald! It's on WIOD 610AM on Sundays from 3-4 pm.

I love the show but it gives me a book every week to read and look forward to her chatting about.
bookreportradio.com for archives.. but you can still catch up!

Kelly James

I just read a fantastic book, 'I've Created a Learning Opportunity, the odds are good but the goods are odd in Alaska'. Women who stand up against what is wrong, are admirable. She took a lot, but she turned it into humor, and free entertainment. The egg story is funny!

Bea Mangino

I'm reading a great memoir by a pilot who flew in South America. Memories of an Emerald World, by Michael Bleriot. Great stories about something I knew nothing about, and he describes places so well I feel like I'm there.

Brian Williams

Great ideas thank you all BW


Very interesting blog

Mark S Goldberg

It took quite a while for Justin Cronin to complete the second book in his The Passage trilogy. It's The Twelve, and it's so overpopulated and time-convoluted that, if it weren't for his exquisite writing skills, I might have given up. Still, I look forward to whom he's writing about on each chapter.


The Death of Fidel Perez, by Elizabeth Huergo. Unbridled Books. Praised by Oscar Hijuelos . A political satire in modern day Cuba
Deeply moving and evocative, a must read!

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