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A comment on culture

There was a time in my life - just a few years ago, actually - in which I bought into the stereotypical definitions of a stuff shirt and a prude.

Yet any time I found myself judging someone with one of those labels, I found myself conflicted, because deep down inside, I knew my criticism wasn't completely fair. And I knew the stances we usually base those labels on are not all bad.

Seriously, as teen and a 20-something, as frustrated as I got sometimes with parents and nosy neighbors, and school principals, and sometimes clergy, and neighborhood police officers - you know, the old school kind who walk the beat and know the neighbors by their first names, I often found myself silently agreeing with them that this behavior or that attitude just wasn't right. I'd never have admitted that to them. But that's another story altogether.

So when I found myself a couple days ago draped across the couch, channel surfing, I landed for a sec. on MTV. On screen I saw Tila Tequila, "star" of the show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.

Normally, I'd have immediately switched the channel, 'cause I hate stupid TV, unless it's Family Guy, or Futurama, or The Simpsons, or My Name is Earl.

But I remembered Mrs. B had told me the day before that she'd given in to temptation and watched some of A Shot at Love. And she'd said she was appalled at what she saw.

So here's the rub. In an effort to not feel too "old," too stuffy, too elder-like, my almost instinctive reaction was to teasingly call her a prude. She's not. But hey, it was my defense mechanism!

Anyway, I watched the show, which I've seen before, for about 20 minutes, and I got what Mrs. B meant. Tequila, while visiting the home of one of her finalists, made out with the guy's mom...and his sister...while his dad watched, apparently enjoying the whole scene.

Now, keeping in mind that MTV's target audience is roughly 12 to 34, and keeping in mind that the lion's share of that audience is on the younger end of that scale, I gotta say this show and crap like it is just wrong. Not religious wrong, not philosophical wrong. Nothing that deep. Just wrong.

That's it. That's all I have to say about it. It's wrong. I don't have a long rant about how we have to do something about it. What's there to do? I don't believe in censorship, unless it's a matter of physical safety (like not letting folks yell "fire" in a  crowded theater).

Kissing ain't wrong. Finding love ain't wrong. Taking shots of Tequila ain't wrong...although this particular Tequila might send you to the hospital in search of a different sort of shot. What makes this kind of crap wrong is that it's just gratuitous and simply sends a bad message about "managing" one's sexuality to the mush-filled young heads at home watching it. I know the age range of MTV's audience goes into the 30s. But trust me. The only 34-year-olds at home watching A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila are the ones who have been married 10 years and have eight kids, or the ones who lack social skills and don't have dates, or the ones who like watching kinky things but can't afford a porn account on the Web. The show is aimed at kids. And if you don't believe that, then you probably believed back in the day that Joe Camel was meant to get more adults to smoke cigarettes.

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's Tequila's right to be a sexual being and be demonstrative about it. But I can say translating those things into a 1-hour TV show aimed at kids is wrong.

Whatever. I should probably stop fighting it though and just face up to the fact that I've become a prude.

Pardon me while I go lobby the TV writers for the return of Little House on the Prairie and Matlock.


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I've never seen or heard of the show although when I googled it after reading your post it looks and sounds pretty pathetic. I could just be very out of the loop as one of the last DVD box sets I bought was the first season of The Waltons... seriously! OMG, I've turned into my Mother!!
We just get into watching old shows, got hub 'Wings' as part of his Father's Day gift.
As for reality shows go, I sometimes watch Supernanny and am so glad my kids are older and better behaved. Gene Simmons family jewels is okay sometimes and if I'm not asleep when it's on, Cathouse, the HBO series about the bunny ranch is... uh,... interesting. Airforce Amy is quite a character. ;)
So since you brought it up, I just asked my daughter, who is 24, if she knew the show and she said:
'OMG, I love her', it's on tonight at 10 and she's down to 3.

I tried to be a good Mom.......

Now I have to ask my son, who will be 15, if when I think he's drawing or playing Wii, if he's secretly tuning in too.


I'm pretty sure I saw a few clips of this show on some other channel recently, and it truly made me want to hurl.

I'm working on getting my daughter away from the TV these days because pretty soon she's gonna get bored with Disney, Noggin and Nick. And I really don't want her seeing most of what else is out there these days.


I'm pretty unhappy with TV to begin with. I watch a financial channel, which drives my wife nuts. Other than that, cooking shows and movies.

I find reality shows follow a pretty stagnant formula. "One of you, will go home tonight" "You have cut your last head, cooked your last souffle, walked your last runway, robbed your last bank, cooked your last methyl crack doober". And then there are the judges, who may or may not make any sense. "You were supposed to design a small, portable nuclear device that would fit into an attache case, and be capable of destroying 20 square city blocks. This pathetic shaped plutonium charge would barely take out this building and the next one. You simply aren't the caliber we're looking for as our next Savior of the Free World.

Sounds on a par with some woman making out with first the daughter, then the mother, while the father watches. Although maybe there was too much math in designing that shaped nuclear charge???

The Sarcasticynic

I think MTV should just bring back Bevis and Butthead.


I'm all for Freedom of the Media, but not when they cynically try pump WRONG into kids.

Cos even with the most careful parenting, some kids will get to see such things.

Short of physically removing the satellite connection, or having no TV At All . . . Hmmm, then sleepovers at friends' suddenly become more popular.

So we try to teach them, by word & example, what we think is Right. In the hope that as they grow up they'll take it on board for themselves - as we, & you evidently did.

& we pray a lot!

Oh boy, maybe Pa & Ma Ingalls had it easier in their Little House on the Prairie, but I'm unwilling to give up the electricity etc. & both children have left home now. I'm still praying - which is a Good Thing.


So I tuned in last night to Tila for like 30 seconds and just didn't get it at all.
I liked MTV wayyyy back when I was in high school, when Martha, Nina, Alan, Mark, and JJ were on it. LOL
Now that's going back. You don't remember them do you?? LOL
What a stroll down memory lane. I seriously do not even know if I want you to swing by my blog today and see one thing I did in high school.
Na, really, don't do it. It's not pretty. You'll be trying to shake off the image for the rest of the week. Good goddess.


I think there's a big difference between being in touch with your sexuality and downright tackiness and bad taste. Just my opinion. Maybe I'm a prude too. :)


I don't know...I think the lighting on your picture was better when it was posted to the right of your blog...Or is this a suble political statement from the left?

Anyway, good to see ya back and in good form!


Here Here!! Well said.

A fellow prude.


Here Here!! Well said.

A fellow prude.


Here Here!! Well said.

A fellow prude.

Karmyn R

I've always considered myself a pretty liberal gal however -

We just recently hooked up cable tv again and I've been shocked, appalled, and astounded at what is on some of the channels.

Maybe in my "old age" I've gotten a bit more conservative - but I do NOT want my kids watching that crap.

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