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New stuff

Afternoon, folks.

I wasn't able to get my vid from CNN yesterday into YouTube. It required coding knowledge that was beyond me. Recap: it's a friendly debate between me and another journalist over how good or bad a job the media is doing when it insists on discussing Barack Obama's race but then seems to glaze over (in my opinion) his biracial heritage.

So if you wanna watch it, here's the link: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/politics/2008/06/09/am.burnett.clemeston.cnn?iref=videosearch.

I don't always look that chunky. But it's hard being pretty all the time.

Also, here and here are links to two articles I had in today's Miami Herald, the first about a husband and wife team of brain cancer experts, the second about a new kind of camp for at risk kids. They're quick reads.


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Say It

I love how you had to get the talk back on point. Its as if people NEED a deeper reason to discuss his heritage.

You looked good, sounded good and stayed on topic. Very nice!


Well done. I thought you looked great, sounded smart, and made excellent points. You made sense to me.


You looked marvelous, darling! Your wife must have helped you with that outfit. j/k!!! You don't look at all chunky.

I don't care if Obama is bi-racial. To me, one's race won't affect their performance as President of the United States, so it really is a non issue with me. I'm a little older than middle aged (wink, wink) white woman, just for the record.

That said, I'm not really happy with either candidate and am in quite a quandary as to what I will do come election day. Not much either one says or does between now and then is likely to affect me either. Politics confound me. :(

James B.

Say It, thank you! I tried to stay focused.

Monty, as always, I appreciate the vote of confidence.

Kay, thank you too. But you'd be surprised what eye I have for style;-) I actually put that outfit together myself...even the pocket square.

And as for candidates, I'm sticking to my guns - voting for Dave Barry!

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