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Remember that number. The movie Wanted, starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy, opens in just under three weeks.

Watch the trailer below - and as you watch, remember all the jackasses who seriously wounded themselves after mimicking MTV's professional Jackasses in their films - and you'll understand why I predict it will be no more than three weeks after Wanted's June 27th opening, before some chucklehead accidentally shoots one of his friends while trying to curve a bullet around that friend.

I don't blame Wanted's actors or producers. It looks like a high energy film, maybe even a good film if you like high speed chases and explosions. But you know I'm right. Some dummy is gonna try to copy what you just saw. And we'll see it on the networks' weird news segments.


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The problem is that people who make movies know next-to-nothing about subjects like firearms, and too many movie-goers are stupid enough to believe everything they see on screen.


The video doesn't seem to be available anymore. But I'll make a guess that the copy cat will be following Darwin's thinning of the herd, unconsciously of course, by doing something absurd to someone who should know better.

The Sarcasticynic

Well, when the chuckleheads do try to mimic this film's antics, and the victims' families sue, it will be Universal and Spyglass Entertainment who will be trying to dodge the bullet.

James B.

BobG, you're right, on both points. The latter point scares me more though, in terms of what people will believe is possible.

Monty, try again. The video is repaired. And God bless Darwin.

James B.

I don't know, Sarc. If we could sue production studios...and win much, the Looney Tunes folks would have risked suits all those years that they showed Wile E. Coyote trying to murder the Road Runner, and in the process getting himself more smashed up that Kenny on South Park.

The Sarcasticynic

Oh, no, James! It was obvious that THOSE antics were meant to be humorous!

But seriously, if a lawyer were to represent a plaintiff looking to score against Looney Tunes back in those days, that lawyer would've been run out of town on a rail (by his peers!) for disgracing the practice of law.


Why wouldn't the jerk have sex wih Angeline Jolie and leave the curving of bullets to someone else? Just another example of someone making poor choices. Dawin was a genius.


Yeah after Lord of the Rings I remember all those kids who tried to drop little gold rings into volcanoes. I have nearly completed my own Iron weapon suit after watching Ironman, it's gonna be awesome. I don't know what's more stupid, James Burnett for writing this article or ..............No this article is pretty much the stupidest thing I can think of.

James B.

Sarc, same thing should happen these days. Anyone who takes a movie as a blueprint for behavior - not saying it's right; I'm just saying I'll bet some dummy will try it.

Monty, I hear ya. Who needs to curve bullets when that's an option...is what I'd ask if I were single and interested in Ms. Jole;-)

Lighten up, Dave. And join the joke...or be the joke, if you want. Clearly you have enough sense that you recognize trying to mimic the movie would be a stupid thing. But unless you've been living under a rock and missing the headlines, you know that this would not be the first time someone hurt themselves trying to copy something they saw on the big screen. I'd be glad to supply with a list of headlines from such stories.

So don't call me stupid, especially not on a Friday afternoon when I'm in a good mood. BTW, this isn't an article. It's a blog post, containing my opinion. A news article would be a collection of facts and explanation.


James, it is OK. It is all part of allowing the idiots to wipe themselves out. Hopefully, before they breed. Or run for congress.



We should go smoke some good Cuban cigars and drink Cuba Libres, and talk about women, and when we were single, and why being married is soooooooooo much better.


dude... lawl


Here, get a free xbox 360 elite and then they can take out their aggressions in a game instead. :]


James B.

A little natural selection, SCG? Who am I to fight nature's course.

Monty, I like that plan. I have a full humidor. You say when.

MiamiHigh, I've got jokes.

Ixxy13, normally I'd erase a message like yours as spam for promoting a product on my blog. But you get points for cleverly blending the promo in with a comment that was actually relevant to the topic in the post. So I won't erase you. You get a mulligan ;-)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Saw this preview last week at the Sex and the City opening, and I thought the same thing. OK, not "three weeks" but basically someone (at least one) is going to try this....

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