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Introducing Dolemite!

Drum roll, please!

This, my friends, is the new director of security at Burnettiquette World Headquarters.Jills_animal_pictures_018

His name should be Dolemite, but for some strange reason Mrs. B is opposed to that. She's also opposed to Black Caesar, Black Belt Jones and Shaft. And since he's a he, he can't be Foxy Brown. I mean, he could be C. Boogie Brown. But Mrs. B is also opposed to that. She calls him Leo. So I guess I'll call him Leo too.

Leo is an 8 month old Black Lab, and in spite of the white streak down his chest they tell us he's a pure lab (not that that matters; we'd have gladly taken a mutt). Apparently, "they" say, some Labs have that streak. The only thing it would prevent is him being shown at dog shows. And that doesn't matter, 'cause I may be a geek, but I don't see myself getting nerded up to that degree and parading around a ring at the Westminster Kennel Club.

So here's Leo's back story: Some of you know that a few weeks ago we lost our awesome, faithful dog, Cheko. He was 14-and-a-half, and might have lived longer had he not succumbed to a vet-prescribed arthritis medication that sent him into a tailspin.

Initially we wanted a dog just like Cheko, a herder. He was a Border Collie and Australian Cattle Dog mix. We wanted either of those breeds or a mix of 'em again, or maybe an Australian Shepherd, or an Aussie mixed with one of those first two breeds. Our logic was simple. They're very intelligent dogs, maybe the most intelligent dogs. And a new one would remind us of Cheko.

But as we searched local animal shelters, and the Humane Society, we found they were tough to come by. So we reached out to rescue farms in other parts of Florida, whose sole purpose is to take in dogs of those specific breeds, nurse 'em back to health, etc., and then adopt 'em out.

Well, we were all set to drive a few hundred miles to get one of these dogs, and Mrs. B - credit where it's due - felt pangs of guilt, because she recalled that Cheko had been rescued. If you don't know that story, you can read it here. Anyway, she correctly reasoned that the dogs at these rescue farms already had good homes. They were pretty much all living in foster homes, and there was zero chance any of them would ever end up in a cage at a crowded shelter somewhere.

Even if it meant missing out on the breed we wanted, Mrs. B argued that it would better honor Cheko's memory if we rescued another dog. So we set aside our breed wish list and went to the local dog pound AKA Miami-Dade County Animal Services. We went there to meet a Golden Retriever stray that we'd seen online. But the retriever's owner had surfaced by the time we arrived. And essentially on the way out, we stumbled across Leo. He's not a herder. But that's OK. He's a cool dog, and he needed a home. And it's clear that whoever surrendered him to the pound took care of him, 'cause even though we just brought him home last night, Leo seems to know how to behave indoors. He's frisky. But that's to be expected. He's still a puppy, really. And look at the size of his paws. He's gonna be huge!

So that's that.

Moving right along, I'll be posting from the road the rest of this week. At the conclusion of business today I'm on the way to Chicago for a conference. If you're in Chicagoland shoot me a note.

Otherwise, peace and hair grease, till my next post.


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Mrs. B sounds like a wonderful person! And what another terrific way to honor Cheko's memory than to get a rescue dog. I don't think you stumbled upon Leo without reason. He's meant to be part of your family!
We have two doggies,
one of those really needy pure breds that we spent alot of money on and traveled far to get... a Vizsla. He's GREAT, but has his quirks.
Our other sweetie, is a mix of Black Lab and Rhodesian Ridgeback and he has a white cross (more pronounced as a puppy) on his chest so he was named 'Reverend'. He was a rescue dog and has become a neat addition to the family.

Have much fun with Leo!!


Welcome and best of luck to your newest family member.


OMG! How sweet is that pup?? You did the right thing. However, you are doing the dog a GREAT disservice not naming him "Shaft."


It's a far, far better thing you did rescuing the dog you did, and Cheko would be extremely proud of you. I know I am. Thank you. Thank you both.

Have a good time in Chicago.


Labs are great dogs and they are also very loyal. I think you and the beautiful and talented Mrs. B. made a very good choice. A dog adds balance to a persons life. We all need that.
Enjoy you visit to the "Windy City." The weather there should be fabulous for the rest of the week. Make sure you get one of those Chicago Hot Hotdogs from one of those street vendors while you are there. Ya might want to try some Chicago style pizza too. Maybe take in a Cubs game too. Lots of things to do in Chi-town. That town rocks. Enjoy James.

karmyn R

Welcome to Leo -

and just to let you know, black labs are WONDERFUL Family dogs (once they get past that 3 year puppy phase). Personally, I think they are much better with children than the Border Collie mixes - because they tend to try and "herd" the kids and may sometimes nip them like a sheep.


Leo also happens to be the name of a Thai beer. Great looking dog.


What a sweet pup! I'm so happy you gave him a home!!

Jeni Hill Ertmer

That is one beautiful dog! I'm also very partial to black dogs with a white diamond on the neck/chest area cause my favorite mutt from my teen years was a somewhat smaller version of your "Leo" -mine probably had more cocker spaniel in him. But since then, I'm not met a black dog, mixed breed with a lot of spaniel mainly in him that I didn't like! Congrats on a very wise selection -good taste showing up for sure!


You can't go wrong with a lab.. especially ... because I sense a little B... (:


Aw, he's gorgeous! Congrats!


Ohh, black labs are adorable, my mother out-law has one, and she is just a big baby (the dog ont my mother-outlaw!)


OOPS...typo ought to read (the dog NOT my mother-outlaw). Anyway, I have been working night shift so I must be forgiven for any spelling mistakes :)


Congrats on the new pup — personally I think Shaft is a great name for a male dog, but then again I also nearly named my (black) cat Buckwheat before someone pointed out to me that could be construed as racism (the idea honestly occurred to me one day whilst eating buckwheat pancakes and I wasn't even thinking of the Little Rascal).

So I realize you posted this several days ago, but it sounds like you are/were in my general territory. Hope you had/are having a good visit.

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