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This and That

What's crackin', people?

I hope only good things for you.

No attempts at witticism for me this morning. I'm swamped. I'm about to hit the streets to try to round third base and bring home what I consider to be a great story. I'll say more about it, once I type that final period and send it off to vetting land.

At any rate, if you want yet another inspirational story, check out this guy.

And here is the video from my weekly TV rant.

Enjoy, and I'll try to do a deeper post this evening.


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Jeni Hill Ertmer

Thanks, James. I just watched the video, read the story you had posted and once again, you came through in great form. I just wish more people would see that particular video and the advice you give about diversity being an excellent method to learn about others, to be more accepting and thus, more civil. The article was really interesting too -makes one you wonder if you'd be able to handle the challenges this man has had and done so well in the process. Keep up the great work.

Robert Shapiro

James, I feel that it would be good to tell you that I feel reasonably certain that you will gravitate and be invited - welcomed you understand to be on television full time sometime within the next three years.

You may not have considered this seriously but now I feel you ought to think about it.



Word up.


Word up.


Really great story! So inspiring.
And the video:
Still too pretty for prison. ;)


Wow, I hope lots of people were watching. I've just about had it with rude people. I also think we need a cell phone etiquette class for those idiots who can't put it down and talk so loudly you can hear every word of their private conversation.

I tried to raise my children to be polite and insisted on it when they were home. I'll have to say I think it stuck. I didn't allow my children to be rude at home. If you get in the habit of doing it here, you will surely continue when you are elsewhere.

Keep up the good work. I'm sorry you're only seen in your viewing area. You would be great on national TV. Hope to see you there soon.


One more thing. I hope you are OK. I worry about you when you're not here for a few days.


I definitely think you should do a lot more TV work, not that I have an opinion, mind you.

James B.

Jeni, thank you. I don't want to be the wrong kind of dreamer the delusional kind), but I'm working on making those big things happen.

Robert, you flatter me much more than I deserve. Thank you. And like I told Jeni, I'm working on it. I think a lot of us in media have come to the realization that a "complete" reporter these days needs to be able to do more than just write it. He also needs to be able to talk about it...on a camera or microphone.

M@, I believe you meant "word to your mother!" Man, that brings on a flashback of tall hair and green Cross Colours jeans. Not my best style days.

Mary, as always thank you. I try ;>)

Kay, thanks. I hope lots of folks were watching too. We need to launch a new civility movement - nationwide. Wanna help me recruit "monitors" for it?

Also, thanks for your concern. Sorry I haven't posted since Friday. Whirlwind weekend, what with a little work on a difficult article and making plans for our new dog to come home (supposed to pick him up this evening), I just got swamped. New post coming up shortly.

Monty, you know your opinion holds high value with me. Let's hope some other CEOs out there agree with you on this one.

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