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Friday Round-up, Labor Day Edition

It's that time again, folks. Not Friday, but rather Labor Day. It's the start of the weekend in which we celebrate work by taking an extra day off.

In keeping with the work theme, here are a few rich ones for ya:

  • XXX Files - Agent Mulder has been seeing too many aliens, apparently. Either that, or David Duchovny is just working too hard. The X-Files and Californication actor has checked himself into rehab for sex addiction. He issued a statement announcing his rehab and asking for privacy. Hmmm. There's only one mystery in this for me: Why would he make a public announcement to that effect....unless the creatures he was McLovin' were not of this world?
  • Do as I do say: Just days after a group of college presidents came out in support of lowering the drinking age in an effort to end binge drinking by students, a college president in Iowa was forced to resign when a photo surfaced of him on a party boat, helping hold a mini-keg to the mouth of a young, college-aged woman. Tsk, tsk. Cameras are everywhere people, everywhere.
  • Strict enforcement: Can't say the cops aren't on top of things in upstate New York. After 45-year-old Timothy Cole remarried his ex-wife on Friday in Batavia, he had a spat with a wedding guest and then was arrested. The charge? Not about the spat with the guest. Cole was too close to the bride. They weren't consumating the relationship or anything. But apparently she has an active order of protection against him. My prediction is a marriage that starts off with one spouse having a restraining order out against the other is probably going to be rocky...for the second time around.
  • If you're looking for a job: Uncle Sam wants you! You realize this is a joke, right?

OK, that's it for the work-related roundup. I'm off to find some news and try to make the world a better place. Psyche! I just want to get through the weekend without a road rage episode.

Till later today...or maybe tomorrow morning, take care.


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You wont believe this but I graduated from that very same college back in the 70's, Iowa Central Community College in Ft. Dodge, IA. I mostly remember 10 cents beer nights and the loss of my virginity there. Small world James.

The Sarcasticynic

"Let's see. Things to do before my wedding. Have dress fitted, order cake, make arrangements for rehearsal dinner, cancel restraining order against my fiancee ..."


Duchovny's partners probably ARE extraterrestrials -- he has no earthly appeal for me. Maybe Uncle Sam wants him since he's Caucasian and all.

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