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Friday Round-up

It's that time of the week my friends, time to weigh in on all that makes the world a depressing uplifting place with a bright future.

Let's get right into it.

  • I try not to do corny that often. It occurs naturally enough for me, without me putting effort into being corny. But occasionally it gets me. Like the way I can sing along with every song in The Sound of Music, or the way Notting Hill made me almost weepy at the end when Hugh Grant and his teeth finally win over the girl. Not proud of these moments, but sometimes I can't avoid 'em. Anyway, I was at work at the butt crack of dawn today 'cause I had to get prepped for a segment on a radio show, and I while driving in I was listening to a local radio guy talk about seeing a hair band concert last night here in South Florida. The show included Journey and its newest lead singer Arnel Pineda. I'll include the CBS Sunday Morning story on Pineda at the end of this post in case you have a few minutes to watch it. But if you don't, here's the abbreviated version: Pineda is a young Filipino man, whose mother died when he was 13 and whose father apparently put him out of the house when he was a boy, because he couldn't afford to feed young Arnel. Pineda was a homeless kid. But he had a gift. His mother taught him to sing. And he sang and he sang and he sang his way off the streets and into a cover band. Neil Shawn, founding member of Journey, saw video of Pineda's cover band on YouTube. He reached out to the band to get hold of Pineda. The rest is history. So the guy on the radio this morning reminded me of this story. I try not to do corny, but when I watched Pineda's story, it almost made me weepy again. What can I tell you? I'm a sucker for comebacks. Seriously, if you can spare a few minutes at the end of this post, watch the video.
  • From inspirational to beyond disturbing, the number one excuse to drive yourself everywhere you go, high gas prices or no: You could live longer. A Canadian man is in police custody today, after he whipped out a butcher knife on a Greyhound bus yesterday, aerated the sleeping passenger next to him, and then calmly decapitated that passenger, while fellow passengers looked on in horror and fled.
  • If you listen to public radio and live in or near Hoopa, Ca., Atlanta, Kankakee, Ill., New Orleans, Boston, Baltimore, Jackson, Ms., Grand Forks or Bismark, Nd., New York City, Athens, Oh., Stillwater or Ketchum, Ok., Salt Lake City, or Everett or Seattle, Wa., you might have heard me this morning on The Takeaway, a new morning drive time show produced by Public Radio International's flagship station, WNYC. We were talking about yesterday's Burnettiquette blog post on cohabitation among non-married couples who eventually plan to marry and how recent studies show its more accepted these days and can cut down on the likelihood of divorce later. The Takeaway has a live, fast-paced format, something akin to Morning Edition, but more light-hearted and conversational. Check your local public radio listings. The show is adding cities every month and could be coming to your area soon.
  • I have a cool supervisor. I'm not saying that to earn points, 'cause frankly he doesn't give points. And it's not my style to do anything with my nose but seek out fresh air. But if you have a sense of humor and are familiar with The Onion, then you'll understand why I had to give a disclaimer before linking this story. BTW, if you're not familiar with The Onion, don't have a conniption. It's a spoof newspaper and it's almost all satire...or is it?
  • Finally, some of you asked me to do an update when a motive came out to why the wife of Fort Lauderdale, Florida's new police chief took his service revolver and fired "in his direction" as he slept several weeks ago. She missed but was arrested. Surprisingly - to me anyway, she wasn't charged with attempted murder. Local prosecutors only hit her with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges. Chief Frank Adderly quickly paid her bond and tried to brush the "incident" aside. She wasn't feeling well. It was a family matter, etc. Well, the Miami Herald learned yesterday that Mrs. Adderly pulled the trigger 'cause she was stressing over an affair hubby'd had several months ago. A piece of advice, my friends: If, as Mrs. Adderly did, your significant other sends you a text message asking where your gun is, don't answer. Just run and hide.

Unless some earth-shattering news breaks, that's all for me today folks. I'll try to post over the weekend, but no promises. In the mean time, if you have a few minutes let me encourage you again to watch the video below for a very inspiring story.


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It is spooky scary how much he sounds like the original lead singer! What a neat story though.

And hey, don't feel bad about the weeping, you're not alone. My husband watched the movie Life is Beautiful all the way through without saying a word, and at the very end he broke down in SOBS. I almost fell out of my chair, it surprised me so much. And yeah, I'm tellin' stories on him. He told my mother last week that I never do the dishes, so I'm just getting my revenge. :)

Hi Mary!



Who doesnt like a "feel good" story once in a while? I know I do. I love seeing someone slay the dragon. Too often newspapers and news programs only tell you the bad things that are happening. I would love to go an entire day without hearing about gas prices, bank failures, mortgage foreclosures, and Brett Favre.


"Like the way I can sing along with every song in The Sound of Music"

If you can sing the Mitzi Gaynor parts in "South pacific" I swear I'm gonna wear a chastity belt when we meet.

No offense intended. A guy just has to cover his ass-I mean protect himself.

James B.

Fiwa, the sound resemblance really is spooky. And your husband is gonna demand payback for you revealing his sobs, he he he! When I said "weepy" I just meant a little damp-eyed;-)

Mark, glad to oblige with the feel good. But you must not read my articles that I link to sometimes on the blog. The last two or three I've posted have been uplifting stories about people who beat the odds. But I hear ya. I'm tired of reading about Brett Favre too. If he keeps it up, he's gonna have an asterisk next to his name on my greatest sportsmen of all time list.

Og, ha ha ha! No worries. I don't know any tunes from South Pacific. No need to wear the belt...not for me, anyway!


OH I loved that story!! Thanks for sharing, it was wonderful. :) I used to listen to Journey years ago. Now that my son is learning to play the guitar he's into alot of bands and they are one of them! Some just stand the test of time.

Lily Belle

excuse me, the journey's lead guitar, his name is Neal Schon, not Neil Shawn do-do.



I've had cried many times watching this video clip, especially Arnel's mother died at his very young age of his life.

Arnel Pineda's life is very hard but sweet ending...

Please dont " Stop Believing " no matter what happen in our own lives; always have hope, love, courage, hard work...




Reminds me of Mark Wahlberg's movie. Can't remember the title though.


Those are the "dream" stories we all love. Great singer, too!

The "nightmare" story. On the bus/Canada story. Why didn't anyone help the kid. I just don't understand this. Didn't someone have something ... a lap top computer ... anything that could be used as a weapon to stop the guy.


Wow, what an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing.

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