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Random snippets of this and that

So I'm done blogging about the major storm that wasn't and back to reporting and blogging my usual stuff.

On that note, this is the time for us to remember the romance! Doesn't that sound like a war cry, like "Remember the Alamo?"

I ask 'cause I got a unintentionally funny email this morning from a colleague in PR, who is promoting National Romance Awareness Month, AKA August.

Who comes up with these months, and why haven't they designated September James Burnett is Cooler than the Other Side of the Pillow Month?

But the funny thing about this particular month to me is one single word: "awareness."

So rather than simply have National Romance Month, a month that by its very title would celebrate romance, we have National Romance Awareness Month, a month that by its title suggests we should make an effort to know that somewhere out there is romance. Whether we choose to pursue it is another story altogether.

Here's my tip for National Romance Awareness Month: Be aware that you need to consistently do nice, thoughtful, sometimes sexy things for your significant other. If you don't, next year this time you'll be celebrating National Wish-I-had-been-Aware of Romance Month.

Moving right along, I was watching the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget (the dad from Full House and former host of America's Stupidest Funniest Home Videos) last night. And I think I may have heard the perfect put-down for the first time ever.

Keep in mind that while I don't play the dozens anymore and haven't for nearly 20 years, 'cause I'm grown and its disrespectful, back in the day I was a master at Yo' Momma jokes. I studied put-downs like math whizzes studied theorems. I don't know what to tell you. If I had a shrink he'd probably say it was my strategy to cope with a few dim-witted bullies I went to elementary and middle school with.

So when Comedy Central revived the classic roast a few years ago, I started to watch, curious to see whether any of the comedians charged with skewering the guest of honor could pull it off. They all made me laugh, but I don't think any got a brilliant dig in till the Saget roast.

Bob Saget's roast was hosted by Full House co-star John Stamos, the same John Stamos who was married to super duper model Rebecca Romijn, until he somehow screwed up and lost her. But he didn't just lose her. He lost her and she hooked up with actor Jerry O'Connell. When comedian Greg Giraldo took the stage he turned to Stamos, who'd been giving grief to a few of the other comics, and shook his head incredulously and said "you lost your wife to the fat kid from Stand by Me!"

Priceless. Cold, but priceless.

OK, I'll be back with a more grown-up topic in a couple hours.


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Man, that is so WRONG...but hilarious...

I'll be watching one of the reruns - I love that about comedy central.


We should give Burnettiquette a roast.

--When I'm turning my pillow over at night, the last image I want in my mind is that of a tall, dark, allegedly handsome man.

It's a start. By the way, give my regards to your mother, James. She's a nice lady.


I'm totally on board with you taking September for yourself.
I'm lucky to have a guy who is romantic all the time. :)
I didn't watch the roast. That Saget guy always annoyed me for some reason?? So how did John Stamos react to that comment??

James B.

WNG, it was pretty hilarious, but sometimes cringe-worthy.

M@, very funny. My mother is a nice lady. But not like you'd know. And bring on the roast. I can take it.

Mary, John Stamos blushed and to his credit laughed it off. But he didn't laugh as hard at that as he did the other jokes that night.


National Romance Month?
So... how did you celebrate it?
I always enjoyed Full House - even though Saget congers up images in my brain of Ichabod Crane (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)


so classic that you love the roasts, too! i guess those of us concerned with etiquette and manners know that at a roast all decency flies out the window!

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