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Score one for the dumped on....sorta

For three years now, between this blog and my old one - mostly on my old one, I have ranted and raved about one of my biggest "pet" peeves: stupid humans who let their dogs crap on neighbors' lawns and don't pick it up and who cop attitude when you catch them in the act and ask them to pick it up.

As you may recall, I once threatened - before Christian Bale made super heroes cool again - to take my Louisville Slugger outside and declare myself Batman to any and all such offenders in my neighborhood.

Alas, I remain too pretty to go to jail. So I never became Batman.

Anyway, earlier today I read with great interest this story from the Washington Post about a former Maryland woman who was arrested, shackled, and later charged with trespassing for repeatedly letting her two little dogs wander into a neighbor's yard and, according to the neighbor, do their business.

My pledge to be honest compels me to admit I nearly cheered when I caught the gist of this story. I'm pretty sure I pumped my fist like Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club.

But then I kept reading and my cynical side saw that the alleged victims in this case were a Maryland State Trooper and his wife. And the alleged suspect in this case was arrested by Maryland State Troopers.

Coincidence? Probably, but it makes me slightly uncomfortable. And unfortunately, the way of the world sort of demands that even if your cause is righteous you should make every effort to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

But I'm wandering off on a tangent. In principle I'm thrilled with what the authorities in Maryland did. Too many people don't give a crap - ha ha, get it? - about the crap their dogs leave on other people's lawns.

It ain't cute. And contrary to popular belief it doesn't turn your lawn greener. It gives you stupid yellow and brown spots in your grass. And, all joking aside, I think it's one of the greatest signs of disrespect you can show to a neighbor.

The suspect here insists her dogs never crapped on the neighbor's yard. Maybe they peed once or twice, she admits, but nothing more. Hmmmm. She also insists her arrest and handcuffing was overkill.

What do you think of the criminal charges against her? I don't think she should be jailed. And I actually agree that an arrest and handcuffing, and possibly the charges were over the top. But I like that authorities tried a creative way to address this problem by using trespassing as their hook.

So, my bottom line: I don't like that it went this for, but if Johnson is convicted she should get 100 hours of community service, roaming her former neighborhood with a bag and a scooper.


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This is also one of my pet peeves. I have a dog and hubby and I dutifully walk around with our papertowels and bags and pick up after our poopster. BTW my dog eats only hard dog food and weighs 14 lbs., therefore his poop is easy to clean. On the other hand, we have neighbors whose dogs outweigh them and it is obvious to me they are eating people food by what I see. Alas, I am a fool and pick up after them because I cannot stand to see my neighborhood overrun by crap, flies and any diseases it may bring about.


Yes - I agree - community service with the parks department would be fitting punishment.


When I see someone not picking up their dog's poop, I gladly go out and pick it up then throw it on the owner's car windshield. It splatters all over it and by doing that it makes me feel WONDERFUL. I don't care if they see me throw it go ahead and say something to me. Next time I smear it all over their front door.


got to love our law enforcement in the USA. throw these criminals in jail where they belong. how dare an animal not think where he craps. how dare he. especially if he should show his freedom of crap by crapping on a law enforcement's lawn. would love to see the judge's face when presented with the evidence, a-bag-of-crap. a crap-elon should not have the right to vote, carry a gun or express his crap-ologies freely. get-em boys, get-em good.


We lived in a townhouse community a while ago and one of our neighbors let his dalmation poop in our yard on a regular basis. I politely asked him to refrain from doing that and even offered to provide him with materials for clean up when I saw him in my yard with the dog. None of this worked, so I started picking up the poop and throwing it over the fence into his courtyard. That solved the problem.


Please do your research before you rant. Dog poop is like cow manure, very rich is nutrients for soil and plant growth.

What about my neighbors whose trash blows into my yard. They don't care to pick it up or the overgrown trees that hang on my side of the property.

James B.

Gigi, that's the dilemma, pick it up so the neighborhood doesn't look bad or leave it 'cause it didn't come from your dog. Every so often, I'll pick it up, even if it didn't come from my dog, if it's in or near my yard. But if it's on the other end of the block or several blocks away, then Karma's just gonna have to deal with the offending pet owner.

Fiwa, I'm marking down your vote. That's two for community service!

Discussed, that's a little more of a bold stance than I'm willing to take - partly 'cause I don't want to risk getting shot by a secretly crazy neighbor, but if it works for you, you get my endorsement.

Criminals, hardy har. You can crack jokes. But you know this isn't about the dogs. Dogs are gonna do what nature tells 'em to when nature tells 'em too. But you know like I do that they can be taught to hold it till they're in an appropriate place. And anyone who takes his dog to or past the neighbor's yard and lets the animal go there without cleaning it up, is a jerk. You didn't see me write anything critical of the dogs themselves. Get a grip.

BLA, not a bad strategy. I imagine seeing that stuff come sailing over the fence once or twice cured your neighbor pretty quickly!

D, you should do your research. Unless you're Mr. Green Jeans, I trump you on this one. I consulted a professional gardener. He told me that dog waste can and often does turn grass yellow or brown where it lands. The only circumstance under which it would be beneficial like a fertilizer is if it is "dried" and spread around, rather than lumped in one spot, where its acidic components can overwhelm that one spot.

And I'd like you to tell your neighbor it's fertilizer next time your neighbor unwhittingly steps into his yard and gets a shoe full of someone else's dog's poop. Fertilizer? What's the poop gonna do, 'cause his shoes to sprout flowers?

As for your neighbors who let trash blow in your yard and let their trees overgrow, deal with 'em. Don't get mad at me for calling out the poop-leavers. That's an apples and oranges argument. I'll tell you where the trash is concerned, if I was relatively sure that particular neighbor isn't insane and armed to the teeth I'd probably confront him about it. And in most municipalities, the law is on your side if you choose to trim or cut away those tree branches that hang from your neighbor's yard and into your own. So go get 'em! Let us know how it goes.

Say It

HA! I love it! I came home the other day and there was a trail of tiny dog poo across the top part of my driveway, as if someone had no idea the dog were even poo-ing while walking. It pissed me off.

Personally, I'd like to find out who it was and place it on their doorstep.

But, for your post, I'm also good with 100 hours community pooper scooper action!!

class factotum

My former neighbors had three stupid, nasty yippy dogs. They pooped in their own back yard -- but the neighbors rarely picked up the poop, so on hot days (and there were a lot of those in Memphis), I could smell the poop quite well. I wish there were a statute against that!


it is the urine that causes the brown spots -- if you get the toots off quick enough the damage is not as noticeable.

There are just too many people who think that rules apply to everyone but them. (And their unfortunate canines who happen to need to relieve themselves and are led to the neighbors lawn.)

An elderly friend (retired and can stay home and observe) told me she stared and glared at a 'perp' the other day as she stood on her porch with her shovel (shovel for scooping, not threatenting)

She said the guy took his two dogs to the other side of the street to do their duty.

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