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Turn it off or take a vote?

So I have a potential ethical dilemma for you. A colleague of mine told me the other day about an issue in the small fitness center of his new condo building.

The center is set up with a music system that allows residents to plug in their iPods and play their tunes over the speaker system while they work out.

Nice setup, right?

Maybe. My colleague says he'd never use the machine. But in theory if he's in the fitness center working out and playing his tunes via iPod through the speaker system, and someone else comes in to workout, he'd be obligated to turn the tunes off or turn them down as a courtesy to the other person.

I agree with him. The one exception might be if I was really into the music I'd ask the other person if the tunes were bothering them, and if they said no I'd leave 'em turned up.

A really self conscious person might not say a word, when the second tenant came in. They might simply turn the music off ASAP, or disconnect their iPod and attach their headphones to it.

Surprisingly though, most of my colleague's neighbors disagree with him. They don't think you're obligated to turn your tunes down or off, or apparently to even ask the other person of the music's a bother. They seem to be taking an "I was here first, so you just have to deal with my music" attitude.

I think the neighbors' take on this matter is extremely inconsiderate.

What say you?


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Music has always been a major issue at every gym I've ever been to. I actually quit one gym because some people were coming in there and turning on Fox News and cranking the volume full blast and management wouldn't do anything about it even though they got tons of complaints about it.

Basically people are rude and they think that everyone not only wants to listen to their music, they think everyone SHOULD listen to their music. And if you tell them you don't like their music they take it very personally.


I am in complete agreement with you on this James. If anyone comes in and you still want to play yours, ask politely and flip the headphones back on otherwise.


My YMCA has tv monitor built into the Elliptical machines that you can plug your headphones into. I LOVE IT! I get MSNBC and toned thighs.

In this day and age of super tech why wouldn't everyone just have their own music? I personally, wouldn't plug my iPod into the speakers anyway - that way I wouldn't have to pay attention no matter WHO walked in.


I LOVE my music! And I think everyone else should LOVE my music ------------ but they don't. And I hate having to listen to someone else's music, especially if it's blaring at me. So I think it's only polite to talk to the other party regarding the music and to turn it off/down if the other party doesn't like the choice of music. Courtesy demands that we should be in accord on this issue rather than torturing each other with our own choice of music...


I enjoy music, but do not believe in forcing my tastes on others.
I thought the whole point of an MP3 player was so that a person could have their personal music that would not bother other people. Any place that sets up so that one person can force everyone else to listen to their music has got an idiot for a manager.
Just my opinion.


I love music!! And with over 600 cd's I could have quite a playlist going on my iPod, but I would never force anyone to listen to my stuff and I would hope they would be as courteous.


p.s. Except.... my car, my tunes!

The Sarcasticynic

I hope the airport lets me load my own personal DVD so I can watch videos of my family at the Grand Canyon instead of the news while waiting for our flight.

And if anyone complains - "Hey, we were here first."

The Sarcasticynic

Wait, why would the airport do that? That would be stoopid.

Besides, I can just watch my Grand Canyon videos on my cellphone.

class factotum

I have walked out of stores blasting music I don't like. I'm not going to a nightclub; I'm going to shop, which I do not have a problem doing in silence. Don't make me listen to crap.


perfect example of the "me" generation.

DJ Black Adam

Common courtesy is always best, but like Pamela stated this generation is very much about "ME"...


It's terribly rude to just assume ownership of the sound system on the basis of being there first.

Not everyone likes the same music and it's most unfair to inflict ones own choices on others, especially in a situation where everyone is paying for the use of the facility.

Grove Grapevine

Every gym has music playing and it is usually the choice of the punk at the front desk at the time, which most of us at my gym hate. So what's the difference if someone has their music playing? Ipod listeners listen to their stuff and the rest of the gym usually is listening to the speaker system. It beats silence.


That's why they make earphones. What's the big deal?

It's too bad this is a "me" generation. I would plug in my earphones the minute someone else came in to work out.


Um guys - could we all quit complaining about the 'me' generation?
First - How do you know how old the people in the post were?
Second - I was one of the first to say that actions like that are unacceptable and I'm part of the supposed 'me' generation.
Third - I'll go ahead and assume that the people using that term are the big brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers of those of us in the 'me' generation so I'd like to thank you for your help in raising this generation. If you don't like what you got...
I see people my age and younger working on political campaigns, for NGO's and turning Teach for America into one of the fastest growing nonprofits ever.
Me generation.
You obviously don't know ME.

class factotum

Grapevine, what's wrong with silence? I don't mind it!


Well, if that's how they feel, I'd say download some death metal or something similar-jarring and loud-and go and work out. I bet they'll change their minds.

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