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Curse you, paradise!

Morning, folks. I hope everyone had a good weekend. I know I did.

Played with the dog.

Hung out with the wife.

Hung out with a buddy.

Got some book work done.

Found strange powder on a window seal and thought nothing of it.

Did a double take and took a second look at the strange powder.

Entered the early stages of panic after taking that second look at the strange powder.

Called the pest control guy with a sinking feeling in my stomach after taking a second look at the strange powder.

Said a smiling thank you through gritted teeth as the pest control guy confirmed my fears over that strange powder.

Ground at least two teeth to a fine powder of their own as the pest control guy left me with a nearly $1,000 bill on his way out my door, along with the reminder that Mrs. B, dog, cat, and me will have to move out for at least two days later this week while they gas our house for dry wood termites.

Kept my cool against all odds as the pest control guy smiled back before climbing into his car and said "Hey, it's the price you pay for living in paradise!"

Sat with a stiff beverage on my deck contemplating whether other places deemed paradise over the past few centuries earned that label before or after they had cured the plague, house-eating bugs, crappy real estate markets, potentially horrendous weather systems, intense road rage, and traffic congestion that can leave you idling for 30 minutes on a five mile commute.

Woke up and thanked Jebus I was alive.

It's Monday, another day in Paradise, another dollar $1,000.

BTW, on a completely unrelated note if you have talent use it. Don't waste it. Read on, to get my point.


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Luckily we don't have critters like that around here. We don't have chiggers, either, and for that I am eternally grateful.
Look on the bright side, according to the first part of your post you have: a dog, a wife, friends, and a job. Sounds like a pretty good trade to me.

The Sarcasticynic

Come to North Carolina, James, and have a taste of the "new" paradise.


Damn, I'm sorry. Hope this fixes this soon and forever. Gah. I HATESES home improvements and repairs, I do, I do.


And BobG, this is not a racist blog. That's "Chegroes"

(Sorry, I couldn't resist)


5 miles to work? that's it?? You are sooooooo lucky.


I have been trying to think of something intelligent to say about the article you wrote, yet all I can come up with is there but for the Grace of God go I. He has talent, and that's a gift that few get. Falling is something that so many do that I am starting to think that those who sidestep it may be lucky.

Trish @ eMail Our Military

I can relate! We had to do that too in 2006 and it wasn't fun with two kids and two dogs. Thank goodness it isn't something one has to do on a regular basis.

Think of it as a mini-vacation and stay someplace nice!


No termites up here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes & 10,000 Taxes James. You could do a 1500 mile commute to the city of "Vice" each day.

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