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Friday Night Round-up: McCain, Obama, Kanye West, Shia LaBeouf, Alberto Carvalho

That's right. I love you guys so much I'm posting at night...on a Friday, when I should be out getting my Friday Saturday Night Fever on.

I can't do that on Saturday, 'cause I plan to be watching the new Chris Rock stand-up special on HBO. More on that come Monday.

But enough about my leisure time.

I'm writing this post from the temporary home of Burnettiquette World Headquarters: a Marriott Residence Inn a few miles from home. We'll be here a couple of days while our house is tented for stupid termites.

Anywho, there are a few things/people/issues I wanna touch on, and then I'm gonna go back to vegetating for the evening:

  1. Just finished watching the first presidential debate. I'm callin' it a draw, 'cause McCain didn't come off as too curmudgeonly...in my opinion, of course, and he held his own during money talk by hammering Obama on earmarks. On the flip side, Obama didn't let himself get bullied on foreign affairs issues and even parried McCain well when McCain criticized him as reckless for threatening to go into the Stans uninvited in pursuit of terror suspects. Obama reminded McCain that he too has made similar threats, and relatively recently at that. No doubt you'll all disagree with me and insist that one guy or the other won. But I don't care, 'cause I'm voting for Dave Barry anyway. So I say it was a draw.That's my word and I'm sticking with it.
  2. Once again prosecutors in Los Angeles County have demonstrated why Average Joes in the rest of the United States laugh scornfully when we hear that celebrities have been arrested for anything remotely related to criminal activity. We know that a celebrity would have to feed a newborn baby to a Grizzly Bear, a Grizzly shooting up heroin while in the process of car-jacking an elderly woman, in order to get seriously prosecuted. Those tough-as-nails prosecutors have announced that rapper Kanye West will not face felony charges after being caught on tape snatching a guy's camera, scuffling over it, and destroying the apparently expensive camera. They say the guy was paparazzi, but we don't know that. Could've been Joe Citizen, who happened to have a camera on him and was excited to see his favorite rapper's favorite rapper. I admit though if the guy was paps, then I'm biased and not that sympathetic to the loss of his camera. I know. It's hypocritical of me. Anyway, West might face lesser, misdemeanor charges. Prosecutors also announced that actor Shia LaBeouf, who has had issues with booze and driving recently, will not be charged with DUI in relation to an auto accident a couple of months ago in which LaBeouf allegedly was under the influence. He flipped and wrecked his own vehicle in the process, and he had a passenger. She could've been killed. Shocker: Prosecutors cited insufficient evidence. At most, he'll lose his license for nine months. Some of you say leave the celebs alone 'cause they're people too and they're only getting the same treatment regular folks would if faced with the same legal scrutiny. Keep telling yourself that. But even if you're right - and I don't concede that - you don't have to be religious to get this principle: "to whom much is given, much is required." So until that concept is grasped and justice re-balances her scales in L.A. County, remember if you want to drive drunk, or feed a baby to a bear on a unicycle, do it in the Los Angeles area. You may get a parade.
  3. Some of you may remember a post I did last week about a former Miami Herald reporter who was under scrutiny for an apparent inappropriate relationship she had with a school district official, when her job was to report on the school district. Based on email exchanges between the pair that were leaked it appears the former reporter and the official may have had an affair and may have had a "gentleman's" agreement to scratch each other's backs to help advance both their careers. You'll remember that the school official initially insisted the emails were fake, and he called for an investigation into whether they were legit. Less than a week later he admitted they were real, but insisted that in spite of the racy nature of some of the exchanges, there was no affair and he and the reporter were simply being playful with one another. Next he insisted that the reporter may have sent him inappropriate emails but he didn't necessarily remember them. Finally, he said that the emails were of a personal nature and it was inappropriate for him to discuss them in great detail. So, let's fast-forward: The reporter, who left the Herald for the Boston Globe last year was compelled to quit her Globe job a couple days ago to "pursue other opportunities." The school official? He's the new superintendent of Miami-Dade Public Schools, the fourth largest public school district in the U.S. That's right. He got promoted? And with a straight face, now he's asking that an investigation into the emails go on, but he wants it focused apparently on how they were leaked, not whether they're real. Seriously, M-D School Board, I don't cover you so I can say this: Forget the affair if you want, since some folks will argue that part was personal and between consenting adults. But fire this man, anyway. He lied from the beginning, and if he can't be straight on a string of emails, what kind of example is he setting for kids who are constantly told to be above-board in their behavior?


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I too, am appalled at the superintendent's idiocy denying the emails. Nobody who read them believed a word he said. But the equally moronic board had just fired Crew, Carvalho was their golden boy and not hiring him over the emails would have been egg all over their faces. Firing him, forget it now.

Poor DeLuzuriaga was used twice and her reputation is in tatters. I actually felt bad that I read the emails. I know nobody put a gun to her head and she was being conniving, but I also think she fell for Mr. Smooth. Are both of them Portuguese?


I also watched the debates last night and would agree with your assessment. I'd say it differently though, namely the supporters of each candidate will think that their candidate won, and no independent will be swayed. In other words, a draw.

I'm still voting for you and Dave too.


James we know which dog you are backing in this fight. We have retired the turnip truck up here. Fear not, your dog is gonna win this one.

James B.

Alex, I feel ya on the school board thing. Outrageous. Not sure the ethnic background of either of 'em.

Monty, glad to see we agree. And thanks for the November vote, but like I said before, sadly, Dave hasn't chosen me as his running mate.

Mark, you know I like you. We disagree probably 65% of the time on this blog, but I like you 'cause you're always straightforward with your comments and always civil about things. But I have to tell you, you're all wet on this one.

You don't know which dog I'm backing in this fight. See, here's the deal: All you have to go on to draw that conclusion is my writing. And I defy you to go to the tags section of this blog on the right side of the page, click the one that says Politics, and scroll back and read every post I've written about this presidential race in the past year. Know what you'll find? NOTHING that suggests I'm even half-heartedly supporting one candidate over another. You'll find me sharing my opinion on pros and cons of both, and that's it.

Therefore your conclusion leads me to draw my own: You've made an assumption about my political backing and leanings.

The question is why?

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