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In Memory Of...

Today being Sept. 11th, makes it an obligation to write something about the evil terrorist attacks - conducted under the guise of religious fervor and cleansing the earth - on New York City, Washington D.C., and inadvertently Pennsylvania, seven years ago.

But I can't bring myself to write five or 10 paragraphs about how we, the American people, will overcome.

No doubt we will overcome. I mean, we've already proven we're resilient. Our economy bounced back...for a time. Our national spirit, that American attitude, that swagger that foreigners speak of - some nicely, some not so much - when trying to characterize us, came back with a vengeance.

New, defiant construction is well under way for the Freedom Tower, the replacement for the World Trade Center towers that were felled by cowards steering hijacked planes. BTW, if you follow the link and watch the video, which counts down backwards, the info on the Freedom Tower starts at the 1 minute 4 second mark.

All in all, I'd say we've done a relatively good job behaving in a way that honors the memories of those folks killed by terrorists on 9/11/01.

If I had just one wish though it would be that the brave troops who've done their duty in Iraq and maintained their mission, even at those times when the mission seemed a little unclear, be allowed to take a long break, catch their breath, and then be sent to join their fellow troops in Osama bin Laden's neighborhood so that we can finally do what the honchos in Washington promised on 9/11 - catch him!

We have sent men to the moon and had them walk on the surface, and photographed the event. We have placed in outer space a telescope so powerful in the Hubble that it has been able to see the outer reaches of our galaxy and the outskirts of the next, at least when we remember to leave the lens cap off. We have captured serial killers who left no DNA evidence and therefore, in the most literal sense of the word "hidden," were perfectly hidden...before we tracked them down. We boast of having the greatest intelligence agencies on earth. We have satellites in the sky armed with cameras that can zoom in on a pinhead, human or metal, from dozens of miles above the earth. And yet we can't find one man in a mountain range.

History has shown us that during the Vietnam War, one of the biggest criticisms of the politicians giving the orders - publicly or behind the scenes - to our military commanders was that those politicians instigated what some call our loss of that war by hamstringing the troops and not letting them fight fire with fire, so to speak.

Osama bin Laden already spit his fire.

I hope that whoever becomes the next President of the United States realizes that in order to flame him up in return, we have to take the fight to him.

That's the funny thing about a duel. The two opponents can't be in two different locations. They have to be facing one another.

So with that said, catch and crush bin Laden, and we'll never need another 9/11 tribute speech...or column, or blog post. Sure, we'll make those speeches and write those columns and posts out of respect to the dead. But The act of following through on the promise to get bin Laden, the man who started this whole mess, will speak louder than any words.


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They've already made plenty of unauthorized border incursions into Pakistan, most recently a Special Forces team of approximately two dozen. But that's just not good enough.

James B.

Matt, I hear ya. But that's why I said maybe we should redirect more troops to the region to try harder.

You know better than to even think I'm knocking the troops.

Like I said, this is a knock on politicians, who in the past have been able to use U.S. "resources" to find anything they want, when they want to find it bad enough.


It is difficult to believe that bin Laden has eluded the US this long. I tend to believe, in spite of all the tests of the tapes, that he is actually dead.


should have stayed in afghanistan to finish the job before taking on saddam


I hope they find him already cold and in repose.
I can't see anything good in a long drawn out trial.


I am in SUCH agreement with you, James...in retrospect, it's one of the worst failures of this administration, though i'm not sure they ever really tried.

I also tend to think he is already dead, and we are led to believe he is not, just to keep our fear alive and well.


I'm with you on this but I honestly question the American public's ability to stomach what needs to be done to find this dude. Are we really prepared to do what it takes to find bin Laden? To destroy not just a litany of guilty "master minds" but the marginally guilty rank and file - many of whom are composed of women and children who'd martyr themselves to protect him?

Maybe he's dead, maybe he's not. But we'll never find out unless we are prepared to move out of the morally ambiguous comfort zone that industrialization has wrought and accept that in order to ensure the man's demise we may have to burn through South Asia and leave a wide path of dead men, women and children in our wake.

Trish | eMail Our Military

Thanks for taking the time to write this. It is much appreciated.

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