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Just be grateful

While political camps sling mud at one another and gripe about what and how the other side is characterizing them and demand that the other side stop using certain words to describe them, a standup comedian in Italy is facing criminal charges for telling a disrespectful joke about Pope Benedict XVI.

Further, Sabina Guzzanti could get as much as five years in prison for violating a 1929 Italian treaty with the Vatican that made insulting the pope as great an offense as insulting the Italian Prime Minister.

Mmmmmm, the freedom to insult...even religious figures. Makes the political he-said-she-said sound even dumber. Not nice to go after folks of the cloth, but what the hell. Glad we have the right to do it in the US!


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werd. :-)


werd. :-)

The Sarcasticynic

I don't know, if someone told me I will be where I ought to be — in Hell, tormented by (homosexuals), and very active ones, not passive ones, I'd probably feel pretty dissed, too.


and now their bread might kill them too.

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