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Sexual Healing

There's been some buzz online and in a few newscasts this morning about studies at the University of Miami's Touch Research Institute that say touching your significant other is good for your health.

I confess, when I saw the headlines my immediate reaction was that they were talking sex, 'cause you can't touch more closely than that.

But apparently this research is talking about hand-holding, hugging, kisses, and non-sexual massage, PG-13 stuff.

Having read snippets, I have to admit this makes sense. It's all about relaxing, losing tension, and literally feeling good as a result of close contact with that significant other.

Reportedly, when you touch your partner's hand or simply hug your partner, your body is prompted to release a hormone called oxytocin AKA the "happy hormone," known, when interacting with dopamine from the brain, to lower blood pressure and stress, and even suspected of promoting the faster healing of wounds.

So I don't have a brain that operates on the same wavelengths as doctors and other scientists, but I can't help but wonder if simple romantic touching can improve your health and extend your life shouldn't sex make you healthier than a mule and help you live to be 100?

There has to be something to that theory, considering this touch research also acknowledges that women's bodies seem to get more health benefit out of non-sexual touching than men's bodies.

But as much as I want my theory to be true, I'm sure some doctor will shoot it down.

Can't blame me for trying though.


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you're probably right except where you can touch somebody frequently in various ways all day long, the same can't be said about sex, speaking for myself anyway, i don't know about you.

Karmyn R

I believe it -

Whenever I go to bed I can't go to sleep unless one of my feet is touching my husband's feet (or leg). It doesn't feel right.


You may not think like those scientist because you're missing some of the years of training in things like research methodology. But I can help a little. You can start your literature review in St. Louis at he Masters and Johnson Center for Sexual Research. Simultaneously, I think you should have sex several times a day, on a schedule, with your wife. You might want to involve her more deeply in the initial research design actually. Then, both of you live to be 100+. Actuarily, you will live to exceed 100 anyway, but at least you can have a good time by design, and reading all about sex at Masters and Johnson should vastly improve both of your skill levels, and expand your horizons. I will be available for tutoring after you finish your lit review. Never too old to learn.



I wouldn't be me if I didn't remind you that a woman's body releases oxytocin upon orgasm, too. Sometimes, I can get a woman to release that hormone five, six times in one night.



I wouldn't be me if I didn't remind you that a woman's body releases oxytocin upon orgasm, too. Sometimes, I can get a woman to release that hormone five, six times in one night.

The Sarcasticynic

If acupuncture is beneficial, wouldn't using swords instead be better?


Hmmm...what is said partner doesn't WANT to be hugged?

And sometimes, less is more. Just sayin'.


I'm glad they have articulated what women have always known. Happy (and healthy) wife, happy (and healthy) life.

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