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why some famous people should always have a paid professional speak for them in public

What a man who definitely does NOT have a thing for teenage girls says immediately after being asked by a reporter if he harbors such feelings: "Absolutely not! No way, no how. That's disgusting!"

What 40-year-old R&B singer R. Kelly, recently acquitted of child sex charges, which included allegations that he "showered" affection onto one young teenage girl, said when an interviewer posed that question to him a couple days ago: "When you say teenage, how -- how old are we talkin' ... 19? ..."

Tsk, tsk. This is why it's worth it for celebs to hire mouthpieces, 'cause even though Kelly went on to say in the interview that he has 19-year-old "friends" but doesn't like teens who are "illegal," this was just the kind of answer that has the potential to overwhelm reality, or in this case the jury's verdict.


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The Sarcasticynic

Maybe Mr Kelly thought the interviewer was trying to set up a date for him.


At my age, you're a kid.


See, I had read about this as well and I took away the exact opposite message.

I was thankful that many of these malcontents are so stupid that eventually they'll get caught.

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