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Dogs and Dinner

Big props to Mrs. B as we walked our dog this evening.

During one particular stretch of the stroll, where we passed through a busy block of downtown in our fair city, she had control of Leo the Lab/Pointer's leash. And we had to pass through a gauntlet of other strollers, diners, drinkers, etc.

A bunch of the places have sidewalk tables set up.

And as we started to pass the tables, Mrs. B moved to the middle of the sidewalk to keep Leo, who is still being taught manners, from getting too friendly.

Not a big deal, you say?

Tell me that next time some clueless dog walker's otherwise cute pooch gets on its hind legs and in your face, as you're trying to eat at a sidewalk table, and the only response you can get from the dog's owner is a burst of inexplicable pride, a stupid grin, and a lame attempt at a pun like "Wiggles must really like what you're eating!"

I speak from experience, my friends.

So, yes, I'm biased. But Mrs. B gets props. Common courtesy is not dead. And no sidewalk diner's food was corrupted by fur or dog breath on our account today.


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Jane Doh

dog breath grosses me out. on food... foul. snaps to her as my boss would say

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

When walking my dogs I always make sure to steer them *way* clear of people, even if the people are making silly faces and calling them over. If they want to pet my dogs, they can come to us, which shows that their interest is genuine and strong to have physical contact--lots of people only like to say hello from a distance, and I can respect that.

My kudos to Mrs. B as well for keep doggie personal space alive ;)


Indeed! And a larger dog is not easy to control- hell, my beagle is a handful.


My dog's not even allowed in the kitchen. Have you seen where they put their mouths?

The Sarcasticynic

As society becomes more amalgamated, interactions such as these will grow to be more commonplace.

That said, people eat outside by choice. Dogs, on the other hand, are seldom invited to mingle indoors at these establishments.

If patrons want to enjoy their meals alfresco, they should be prepared to deal with "the elements."


A few years ago the MN Twins hosted a "Bring Your Dog to the Game" promo. A section was chosen as the "Dog Den." All dogs got doggie treats delivered by the vendors and all dog owners got a free hot dog. Somehow this event never got rescheduled. Perhaps some of the dogs were not as well behaved as Leo.


Tell your wife, "Well Done!"

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