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Just so you know...

I was nowhere near Pittsburgh last night. Besides, I print my B's in cursive.

All kidding aside though, for those of you who wonder from time to time why I force conversations on race and perception even when you're tired of hearing about those things, that link above is why.

I have one bit of advice for the young woman referenced in the link above: Next time you use a mirror to decorate your face with an alphabet, stick with something easy like the letters "A," "H," "I," "M," "O," "T,"  or "U." No matter how poor your penmanship, there's no danger of writing those letters backwards.

And I have one question for my peers in media: Why were you so eager to run with this now-proven-false story, in spite of the painfully obvious red flags it waved from the very beginning?


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Kurt P

Because a racial story gets views?
Just like the Duke La Crosse story...
OR she's a babe and white ( Lacy Peterson, The one in Aruba,,,,)

And it fits some adjenda.


The whole thing sounded suspicious to me when I first heard it. Once the picture came out, it was obvious it was fake.


You are correct about the media. Journalism is truly dead in America. That is why the media is complaining about Sarah Palin not doing interviews even though I've seen her on CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC while nothing is said about Joe Biden not doing interviews, which he has not since he said Obama would be tested by in a world crisis within six months of being elected and we wouldn't like his decision making in that crisis.


HAHAHAHAHAA!!! i hadn't heard it was false. thats freakin hilarious.

James B.

KurtP, good points.

BobG, I hear ya. It was the pic that gave it away.

FLPD, I think you may have read more into my words than was intended. I don't believe the media is dead at all. On the contrary, it's in flux, 'cause of mainstream news organizations still trying to figure out how to capitalize on the Internet. But that's another story altogether.

As for Biden's lack of 1-on-1 interviews lately, I've seen no fewer than a half dozen wire stories about it in the mainstream press over the past couple of weeks, and no fewer than three major TV networks (broadcast and cable combined) report on it.

Yas, I think the sheer goofiness of this woman is what prevented people on both sides from being really ticked off.


I knew she was an impostor before I even saw the photo (which came a day or so after the initial (ha ha--initial) article.

I felt a bit sorry for the first reporter(s) tho.
It would be like finding a grease fire on your stove. What do you do, throw salt on it or cover it up? ha ha


The backwards B was suspicious, but the whirling eyes of insanity were a dead giveaway. Politics has obviously gotten the better of this poor deluded child.

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