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Reason # 101 that stereotypes fail

I'm on my way to work. Actually I'm going slowly through a parking lot right now.

Moments ago I approached a full-sized, double cab Dodge Ram pup sitting on lifts and giant wheels. There is a bumper sticker on it with a picture of a bass.

When I get about 10 feet away, I see the driver. He is on the passenger side, walking toward the driver's side.

Big dude. Full description? Large white male - easily 6'4" and 275, left arm covered in tats, smoke hanging from one side of the mouth like the Marlborough Man, scowl on his face, the guy who looks like he could knock you out cold just by raising a fist...without even dropping it.

A little aside: I have a habit. In my efforts to play Sherlock Holmes I try to guess, based on a look, what type of music a person is likely to play in his vehicle. Yeah, I know it's stereotyping. But I'm human. What can I tell you?

So back to the story at hand.

Grizzly Adams proceeds to climb in the truck, settle behind the wheel, and reach for the ignition.

I immediately guess new country, possibly classic rock.

Instead he drives off bumping C&C Music Factory.

This reminds me of a story about books and covers and what not.

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