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San Francisco is about to make hookers go hungry

I swear I'm not trying to be funny. Well, maybe I am. But there's a point to this too.

In case you weren't aware, authorities in San Francisco are considering legalizing prostitution - not brothels like in Nevada, but roadside prostitution. They say among other "good" things, such a move will free up more than $11 million that police spend every year chasing, catching, and incarcerating prostitutes.

Now, I'm no elitist. I understand that along with all the rest of us Average Joes and Janes, ho's have to eat too. I can't say I approave of how they win their bread, but hunger, desperation, and a lack of good home training can compel some strange lines of work.

That being said, what San Fran is proposing will never work. As a self-declared expert in what makes dudes tick I can tell you the San Fran Ho Stroll's cliente will disappear if street prostitution becomes legal.

The thing about street prostitution is the the Johns - the guys who hire the prostitutes - are often just as desperate and psychologically tilted as the prostitutes themselves. All Johns - those who are flush and those who are living paycheck to paycheck - pick up prostitutes because they are socially awkward and full of self doubt, and don't believe they can get a normal date. Finally there is a tiny percentage of men who pick up prostitutes because they - the men - are mean, and horny, and in need of an ego boost. What they all share in common a lack of self control that makes them crave instant gratification.

Laugh if you want. I admit I'm no shrink. But I'm basing this on years as a crime writer and things I observed on the street with police sources.

So here's why the San Fran plan won't work: there's one more thing that all guys who are willing to pick up roadside prostitutes have in common. In spite of whatever psych problems they have, they all have egos - egos that make them perfect candidates for skulking about in dark alleys and side streets in search of ho's. Legalize street prostitution and the guys will stop buying, 'cause none of them want to be seen picking up a by-the-hour or by-the-act sex partner.

Trust me. Guys don't like being seen walking into strip clubs. Think of all the busy streets under bright lights in high-foot-traffic tourist areas? The prostitutes are gonna want to come into the light, so to speak, where all the other legal business are situated. Do you really see guys - in front of crowds of other revelers - making deals with prostitutes in the open?

So, San Fran may mean well. But if they go through with this plan it'll backfire, 'cause prostitutes stripped (no pun intended) of their mystique, thrust into the open, suddenly become reputational hazzards.


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I'll bet good money that you are wrong on this one.

James B.

Hmmm. WavemanCali, you think business will remain good for the prostitutes in SanFran?


Yes I do. But sadly I think violence will rise against women. Pimps will become emboldened with no one coming after the prostitutes.

A lot of times the hookers tend to be desperate people with no other choice. The Johns are just people looking for sex because they can't get it elsewhere. That end will never go away.

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