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There's love n the air between Democrats & Republicans

I forgot to post sooner the article I had in yesterday's paper.


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lololol...who ya kidding...country gone to you know where. cut throut thru out..why would demos want to love GOP..they hate each other now.. thats not gonna change..so try a new story..THEY CALL ME RICK.

James B.

Sheesh, Rick, read the article provided in the link within the blog post before you complain about the title of the blog post.

It's meant to be humorous, but you'd only get that if you followed the link and read the accompanying article, which has nothing at all to do with how the Democratic and Republican parties feel about one another.

It’s actually a light-hearted look at couples – husbands and wives – in which one spouse is Republican and the other Democrat, and what steps they take to keep from ripping each other’s heads off during election season.

Talk about judging a book by its cover...or, in this case, a blog post by its title.


well lets put it this way..it did not read that way..to me..and i follow the house and senate every day..and as i said before, the gop and demos are at odds all the time..that guy from alabama is the worse..in gop ranks..THEY CALL ME RICK.


why wouldn't it work. it's just another difference between two people who love each other. if we were exactly the same as our partner we'd be bored out of our brain. it's all about compromise and toleration, and working at something you believe in. ms insomniac and i are on the same side of the political fence, but there are other areas in which we differ, and i do stuff that i'm not entirely comfortable with in an effort to meet her halfway.

anyhoo it seems like rick spells his name with a silent p. get over yourself


Great article!
Since he was an Indie long ago, and then leaned more Repub later on, I guess as with every relationship you grow and love each other for different reasons and it wasn't an issue initially.
Mary Matalin and James Carville were my favorite Rep/Dem couple but when you are working in politics like them and the Shriver/Schwartzeneggers do it just seems to me that it would be difficult. So I admire them for keeping certain things separate. I think I'd find it difficult.
I love that my husband and I agree, for the most part, on politics. I've been with that man for 25 years but if he switched camps at this point he'd be seriously sleeping in the shed.


p.s. Happy Halloween!
Have a good weekend. And how about those Phillies!!!! I guess Florida isn't so happy right now, but there are alot of us up here that are THRILLED!!!

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