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This and that...one

This and that...one
I swear that title isn't a swipe at Sen. McCain's references to Sen. Obama last night.

But since we're on the subject I refuse to declare a winner of debate #2. I'm not a political expert. I do wish that senators McCain and That One had given a few more specifics on their plans.

Anyway, I hope life is good for you today, in spite of the market meltdowns.

Mrs. B and I took a day off to do seek zen and reflect on the baby we lost one year ago today.

No worries. We're not moping. We're long past the persistent grief. Now, its just a little bit of what might have been and what hopefully will be soon.

So that's that.

Where are you reflecting today?

I'm writing this on my phone, so I don't know if the picture came through or not. If it did, that's where we're we're reflecting today.

Don't be mad. Hee hee hee. You live in Miami, its the law that you go to the beach once a week - ideally on a week day when you're the only one there.

Peace and hair grease till tomorrow, my friends. Sent via Blackberry from AT&T


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Glad you are enjoying the day with Mrs. B.
Awesome view.
Hopefully we'll be getting a similar shot when we're in Cancun next month for our 25th. :)


Glad you and the beautiful and talented Mrs. B had a relaxing day together. Can I come down and visit you in January?

Jeni Hill Ertmer

Gosh, is it a year already since your loss? Sure doesn't seem like it was that long ago. And to answer your picture question, yes -came through and it looks quite inviting -beautiful colors of the beach too!
Seems like the seeking peace, quiet, relaxation and letting the mind wander and wonder about lots of things life brings our way must be slightly contagious today because a lot of that is what I've been reading as well as a lot of what I posted about today too.
Peace -get a little recharging of the batteries there!

The Sarcasticynic

You wrote that on your telephone?!? You've been hit by the bug, man.


Wow...trying not to be envious of your view, there. I miss the beach.

I'm reflecting on the fact that gas is $3.09 at the station across the street from my office. And it seems odd that I'm happy about ANY gas over $2/gallon.

I am also wondering if the American people will finally wake up and get real about Christmas this year, and not make it a debt-crazed credit card fest. Let's get back to simple.


I was kind of busy confessing my sins. Took all day.


what a nice view. the debate made me sit in awe at the vague answers given. the whole situation sickens me. lets not talk about it.

today... i got 2 yokes in one egg. i reflected the last time i had extremely good luck.

:) i wish you the best darlin. if you remember me. lol if not.. okay still the best. lol


Oh, man. It's hard to feel sorry for you, James. I'm really trying....

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