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Ad Agency Sex Video Leads to Firing

What's crackin' friends? I hope you all had a solid Thanksgiving - good food and good thanks all around.

I did. The family and I had a blast. Now I'm loungin' at home watching Goldeneye, catching up on email, too tired to go out on the town, and still trying two days later to recuperate from too much food.

On to business - I have two simple questions for you, but first a scenario:

Several days ago the New York-themed media industry Web site Gawker featured a semi-grainy cellphone video of a man and a woman having sex on the floor of a cubicle at an ad agency. They apparently didn't know they were being recorded.

The video was shot by a co-worker of the pair, who showed it to a few other co-workers and then sent it via email to even more co-workers, one of whom put it on the Web and turned it viral. No accounts of this incident say whether or not the voyeur sent the video to the other co-workers on his own time and equipment. But it's implied that he sent it from work on his work computer.

So what do you think the bosses at the ad agency did when they found out? Better yet, what, if anything, would you have done?

I'm curious for your answer to the second question, because my first reaction was I would have suspended all three for a week without pay for their unprofessional conduct in the workplace. I'm no prude, but c'mon. They were at work! Maybe you think that's too harsh or too light a sentence. Ponder it for a moment.

In the mean time, the answer to the first question is the bosses fired the videographer, but allowed the humping couple to keep their jobs. Keep in mind this video features a set of butt cheeks (sorry guys, they're his cheeks) bouncing around like two Christmas hams at the bottom of a grocery bag.

My snap judgment? The bosses were probably right to fire the video voyeur, but they should've fired the humpy couple too.

Fire the videographer for being a creepy, loser of a voyeur, and for being stupid enough to use a company computer and company email to send the video around.

And fire the humping couple for being nasty at work.

Naturally sex in and of itself isn't nasty. It's lovely, and beautiful and natural and normal, yada, yada, yada. But at work, on the floor in a cubicle? And what if that was a clueless third party's cubicle - some guy who left the office early that day? That poor guy came to work the next morning and found his workspace smelling of sweat, funk, and buyer's remorse.

Bottom line, all three of them were out of order. Keep 'em all or send 'em all packin'.

That's my word. What's yours? One more thing before you answer: There were two other co-workers snapping still shots of the humping couple, while the voyeur shot his cellphone video. But the photographers weren't fired.


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They should'nt be fired for "doing it".They should be fired for making bad porn.Next time hire camera...lighting...sound...& makeup.Put a script together.Clear your AIM tests.Print about 5thousand dvd's.Sell the footage to sites that specialize in sex at work.Negotiate a royalty deal if possible.Sex is too precious to be doing for free.

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Hey, you get these as well. I don't mind this type of advert, but I also get them for Breast enlargement products.

As to your question, fire all of them or keep all of them, but not fire one and not the other two. If the two main participants were good employees, I would keep all three, but give them a written warning.

Gus Moore

James, you asked...

"So what do you think the bosses at the ad agency did when they found out?"

They probably forwarded the email to a few of their friends for a laugh, before deciding how to punish those in question.

I would have suspended the couple and fired the dude with the camera.


I've caught co-workers doing stuff like this, or worse. I did what other people ought to do. I shut the hell up. People who are asses that big get lost soon anyway (as these did) and good riddance.

Cameraphone video? People are too damned dumb for their own good.


Suspend all of them for one week and then put them all on probation for 6 months. Good help is hard to find. lol


It's clear that none of them was tending to company business, which is what they were being paid for. I think they should all have been fired for an extreme lack of professionalism.

Whatever was being advertised at that agency, I don't want any.

The Queen of Hearts


The Sarcasticynic

What do I think the bosses at the ad agency did when they found out? Probably had the lovebirds sign a release for the material and gave the videog/photogs promotions.

Butt cheeks bouncing around like two Christmas hams at the bottom of a grocery bag, James? Holiday meal references aside, I could've done without the visual, but thanks anyway.

James B.

That penis enlargement thing had better be spam. It damned sure wasn't solicited.

Gerald, I like your logic. And I guess I shouldn't complain. I haven't received the breast enlargement ads yet.

Gus, I'm fascinated by your answer. Why spare the sexers and fire the shooter?

Mark, as I said with Gerald, I think your decision would be fair.

HeartsinSanFran, while this will make me sound indecisive, I also think your judgment is fair on this. I guess I just want a consistent punishment for all three.

Queen of Hearts, a little extreme, no?

Sarc, sorry about that visual. I had to take a stiff drink and jab at my eyes with pencil tips before I could write that description.

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