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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Take that, Classmates.com!

Have you ever opened your email inbox and seen one of those Classmates.com messages, claiming that someone you went to high school with was looking for you?

How about everyday? I've lost count of the number of emails I've received saying things like "19 classmates looked up your name."

I have said for at least a year now that if I had the time and disposable income I'd try to take a court-sanctioned bite out of Classmates.com's arse, not as part of a get rich quick scheme, but on principle. Those emails are annoying at best, and fraudulent at worst.

Anyway, after a while you should gather that those messages are very likely fake. But if you don't figure that out, then you become San Diego resident Anthony Michaels, who after receiving an email from Classmates.com that old school mates were searching for him, whipped out the plastic and upgraded his Classmates.com account from the free version that lots of folks - including me - signed up for a few years ago, to the premium paid version.

Naturally, after he'd paid and gained access to the "premium" site, he learned that no one was looking for him at all, least of all his high school classmates. And so Michaels has filed a federal lawsuit against Classmates.com for bending him over and blowing smoke...you get the picture.

So while I'd love to snicker at Michaels for looking under the wrong coconut shell in his hunt for the card Classmates.com had apparently hidden, I'll save my laughs for that site.

Mr. Michaels, if you want to find old classmates, or better yet if you'd like to know if they want to find you, then open Facebook and MySpace accounts...for free. Then sit back and wait. If your old buddies want to find you they will.

As for you, Classmates.com? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Bout time!


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The Sarcasticynic

"If the lawsuit ... succeeds, it could raise the minimum standards of honesty for online businesses."

Yeah. If Clasmates.com represents the minimum standards of online business honesty, then yes, perhaps they should be raised.

BT in SA

I have been tempted to whip out my plastic to see who it is that is searching for me on Classmates and then come to my senses. Nah. Not going to do it. Glad I haven't!

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