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Adolf Hitler denied birthday cake

See, this is what I meant several posts ago when I said giving your child a goofy name is tantamount to child abuse.

A New Jersey man and his wife are angry that their 3-year-old son, Adolf Hitler, was denied a birthday cake by their local ShopRite grocery store.

Heath and Deborah Campbell wanted a custom cake for Hitler's 3rd birthday party. But ShopRite thought it would be distasteful to inscribe a cake with happy birthday wishes to Hitler. The Campbells believe it was cruel to the child, who doesn't know history and just wanted a birthday cake. Eventually Wal-Mart agreed to make the cake, as they had for the birthday of one of the Campbell's daughters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell.

Another daughter is named Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, the latter being an homage to Heinrich Himmler.

The Campbells, who reportedly are Holocaust deniers and whose house is decorated with Swastikas, insist Adolf Hitler is just a unique name that they chose 'cause they believed no other child would have it. They argue, that in spite of their feelings about racial separation...but not superiority, the old Hitler and the ideas he represented are dead, and that the new Hitler, their Hitler will be raised in a normal way that allows him to choose when he's older what types of people he'll associate with.

Hmmm. I don't even have any jokes about this one. Whatever the Campbell's motives were I call this child abuse. Even if the Campbells are right in their theory that young Hitler won't be teased and tortured by other school children some day, what's it gonna do to his psyche when in 8th-grade World History class he hears about the things his namesake did?

Of course, the question could be moot. There's a good chance young Hitler will learn about those things at home.


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I'd read a fair bit on this one James.

According to the articles that I've read, there were mixed races at the birthday party for the child.

I'm really insanely curious about this household.

They claim to be racial segregationists rather than the type that preach racial superiority. They say that it's their view and they aren't going to force it on their kids.

They seem to follow through on what they are saying too. If they are racial segregationists and are teaching their kids to make their own decision and the kid invited black and white kids to his party and they let him, seems like they are being truthful.

I think the naming of the kids is unfortunate and yes, abusive. The incorrect teachings on the Holocaust are horrible too, but I have to hope that the kids might make it long enough to change their names legally when they are of age and learn the truth outside the home.

One thing I have to wonder though is at the parents of non-white children who let their kids go to the birthday party. Wouldn't they be in the least bit scared that their children would be served the "special" cake?

James B.

WavemanCali, I wrote in my post that the parents said they believe in separation, not superiority.

The reports of racial diversity at the birthday party are fascinating. But I'm still not sure I buy the dad's surprise that people are disturbed over him naming a child Hitler.

And even when parents don't proactively teach their kids certain 'tudes and behaviors, kids still learn from their parents' 'tudes and behaviors. It's inevitable. Most of us look up to our folks to one degree or another.

So bully for the parents if they allowed the birthday party to become a Benetton commerical, but whether they acknowedge it or not they're teaching their kid something negative. And that name is abusive.

Of course, this is all just my humble opinion.

If these parents are as honest and straightforward as you think, then one day young Adolf is gonna ask what those Swatiskas represent. And if he's a smart kid he'll want to know in a historical context.

Kids look up to their parents. What do you think that's gonna teach him when his parents give the honest historical context of what the Swastika meant in Nazi Germany?

C'mon. I would have been a messed up kid if my folks had told me on one hand I could be friends with who I wanted, and on the other hand when I asked what the symbols decorating our house were all about they told me "Oh James, that symbol was the symbol the late great Shakazulu Cracker Killer used in his mission to rid the world of white people 50 years ago!"

There's no way for the Campbells to avoid that scenario unless they lie to young Hitler about the connection between his name and the Swastikas all over the place.

I'm with you on the nonwhite kids at the party. I can't imagine sending my kid to a birthday party for a kid named Hitler, whose house is decorated in Swastikas. I'd wonder about the cake AND the Kool-aid.

Jeni Hill Ertmer

More power to them if they really believe they can teach their children to pick and chose as they please, with respect to their friends, while practicing a somewhat different ideal themselves.
As to the naming thing, boy I so agree with you that giving a child that name is a hell of a moniker to saddle him with, regardless of how "open-minded" they profess to be. There are some instances when a rose is a rose is NOT a rose too and I would think this is one of those times.

Karmyn R

I'm sorry but naming your child "Adolf Hitler" "Aryan Nation" and "Himmler" just screams racism and white supremacy. The swastika will forever be labeled with those terms as well. It can never be anything different.

Those parents knew what they were doing. They are race separatists (which in my book equals Nazism) Sure they are "just names" but those names have very serious connotations. As you said, James, those kids will learn a different history in school than what they are learning at home.

All I can do is spit.

James B.

Jeni, I hear ya. This is along the lines of putting makeup on a pig. Not calling the kid a pig. He looked like a cute kid. But the notion that his name is nothing more than that? That notion itself is a pig in makeup.

Karmyn, I really think that kid is gonna suffer some serious emotional problems when he starts hearing in class a different history of his name and those Swastikas plastering his house.


Exaggerated example of parents using their children to get attention.


James, no worries you and I are in complete agreement on this one.

I'm not defending anything they are doing, I just wanted to point out the wild contradictions in behavior and the oddities of where they seem to be telling the truth.

I think maybe Pamela has it right where they are just getting attention with the kids in any way that they can.


I feel sorry for those kids. Life is tough enough without hanging Nazi names on innocent children. The parents are nutjobs. I hope the kids overcome all of this. Im not real hopeful of a good outcome. The bakery was well within its rights. We need more sanity in this country.

The Sarcasticynic

You may not have any jokes about this, James, but I have a riddle.

Q. What do you call a recent college graduate named "Adolf Hitler?"

A. The young man whose resume never seems to make it to the top of the stack.


I guess in truth if you think about how we react to names it's not fair to judge these people too much but it's the cruelty of others that is of most concern to the safety of these children.

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