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4-year-old shoots baby sitter

I wish I could make these things up, but I don't have that active an imagination. Sticking with today's Ohio-themed posts, here is a story about an angry 4-year-old whose 18-year-old baby sitter accidentally stepped on the boy's foot.

So this child grabbed a shotgun from a closet in his trailer and blasted that shoe-steppin' fool!

I'm sorry. I shouldn't joke about this, but c'mon! At that age, I doubt the kid can be held criminally responsible for his actions. Who knows? Maybe he's acting out like this 'cause he's been abused.

But if this kid hasn't been abused, then he needs to be brainwashed. Literally. I'm serious. They (Men in Black or whoever does that stuff for Uncle Sam) need to scrub his mind of all knowledge of gun-handling 'cause at such a young age he's already showing signs of instability.

And if he can't be brainwashed, then they need to quarantine him till he's a legal adult and then groom him to be a real life Jason Bourne or something.

One more thing: Whether this kid was abused or not, his parents or legal guardians should be locked up.

BTW, please take a minute to check out the prior post and give your opinion of the moral dilemma.


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ɔıuʎɔıʇsɐɔɹɐs ǝɥʇ

Wow. The death penalty for accidentally stepping on one's foot. Tragic. Now if the foot-stepping were done on PURPOSE ...

Not trying to justify the kid's actions, but putting things in perspective - mashing one's foot might be considered a federal offense to a 48 month old.


I'm still having a problem with the fact that the 4 year old had access to a loaded shotgun. That should a criminal act against his parents all by itself.

I am still trying to figure out where a 4 year old figured out that you used a shotgun to express your displeasure with authority over an accident. Scary.

Karmyn R

When I first heard this story, I suspected there was more to the story than just the babysitter stepping on him. In the story, there were other teens and other kids too. My mind just couldn't wrap around the situation being that simplistic.


As I recall I loved all of my babysitters so this is totally foreign to me. Perhaps I lived a charmed childhood in the cornfields of Iowa.


The close quarters of a mobile home, a few teenages and other children, and a gun.... something doesn't sound right about the situation. But bottom line, a gun was on site and a little child got it and used it. I would say the parents need penalties, the children need major evaluations and I don't even know what to do with the 4 year old. Wow.

In the other post....
guess it remains to be seen about the legalities of it all but if those 4 were regular players and it comes out that there was an unwritten agreement about it then they are due some money.
It's a hard situation in a way to be in a pool like that because in some work places you couldn't possibly know everyone. You and the one who goes to buy the tickets each week might have an understanding but that doesn't mean the guy 3 offices away knows about it.
Still though, I think if they usually contributed they should definitely be included. Maybe not for the full share, but they absolutely should get something. I'd probably give a portion of my winnings to them. And there would probably be a few others that would too. Total greed is unneccessary. It's got the country where it is. We need to be working together more.

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