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Quick Takes on the News

  • The End of the World as we Know it: I used to joke that we'd only really know the economy was bad when Google cut back. Well, Google cut back. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a dramatic cut - 100 jobs, compared to the tens of thousands other major corporations have cut recently. Still, who would've thought Google was hurting?
  • Exercise equipment is not sexy: I'm not even going to try to explain this.
  • The Axe Effect is Kind of Real: I'm one of the tens of guys out there who admits to using a body spray in addition to anti-perspirant. My spray of choice? Lately, it's the BK Meat Spray. But in the long run I'm an Axe guy. Anyway, Axe has been claiming for years that there is an Axe Effect that makes its users more appealing to members of the opposite sex. And for years that claim has been taken as a joke. Well, a British scientist tested the "theory" using a group of men as lab monkeys and a group of women as the testers. The most interesting thing about this test to me is that the men who wore Axe showed more confidence in themselves than the men with no fragrance. In turn that confidence apparently "smelled" great to the women, who based on photos, chose the scented guys as more attractive than the unscented guys. So basically guys who smell good have more confidence in themselves than guys who stink. Makes sense to me. The funny exception in this scientific experiment? Guys who were found to be more appealing thanks to the Axe Effect were prone to lose that advantage when they opened their mouths...and said something stupid to the women.
  • Comedians are hurting too: I totally forgot to do shameless self promotion on Sunday. Here and here are articles I had in Sunday's paper about the upcoming South Beach Comedy Festival. One of 'em is about how the economy has driven more would-be comics to attempt careers in stand-up. And the other article is about how stand-up comics, unlike their late night TV counterparts, aren't afraid of making fun of President-elect Obama.


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ɔıuʎɔıʇsɐɔɹɐs ǝɥʇ

Thanks a lot, James. It's bad enough I'm already paranoid about sitting on park benches.


you would think once that guy got ..uh.. stuck, that the trauma of it would make him .uh.. unstuck very quickly. apparently I'm thinking in terms of a normal guy. This guy wasn't, was he.


The money thrown at the banks was supposed to save the economy. The money thrown at he automotive industry is supposed to save jobs. Time will tell what the next trillion dollars to stimulate the economy will actually do.

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