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Greetings, sports fans.

I'ts been one of those weeks, thus no posts for several days.

And this one's gonna be quick. I'm no professional political pundit, but like you I have no shortage of opinions about the fatheads that run our government.

Over the past few days I've been absorbing as much info as I possible from the annual Conservative Political Action Conference

Because I know it's inevitable that someone will ask, yes, when the Democratic equivalent comes round I'll write about that too.

On to business: Ninety-nine percent of what I read and saw of the convention was rote. But I also noticed several Republican Party stalwarts playing what has become a dangerous game in national politics of late: broad generalizations.

I know lumping all folks of a particular ilk in the same basket is one of the oldest political weapons in the books. But in the past year or two broadly generalizing a group, painting with a broad brush, placing guilt by association or whatever you want to call it hasn't worked as well.

Case in point - Former Rep. Newt Gingrich, speaking to an enthusiastic CPAC audience, brought up a recent speech by Attorney General Eric Holder in which Holder, in reference to America's history of race relations, said we (Americans) have basically been a "nation of cowards," for what he believes has been our failure to fully confront the single most divisive issue in U.S. history: racial differences/equality.

In his speech at CPAC, Gingrich, who is no dummy, said this of Holder's comment: "We now have more than enough evidence of what this administration thinks of the American people... Let me say to Attorney General Holder, I welcome the opportunity to have a dialogue with you about cowardice, anywhere, anytime."

Yes, Holder is an appointee of Pres. Obama, and yes, practically and theoretically the buck stops with the boss, the president. So people assigned to cabinet level positions can be regarded as speaking on behalf of the president.

But to suggest what Holder said reflects how the Obama administration feels about the American people is a dangerous game.

I wrote in a blog post several days ago that I disgareed with Holder's comments, considering the parameters required to meet the definition of "cowardice." But then again, I'm not running for office.

Anyway, if GOP leaders continue to cherry pick Democratic big shots' comments to demonstrate what they - the GOP - believe is wrong with the entire Democratic leadership structure, then it will come back to them in the next election cycle when Democrats hold up random Republican officials as examples of what the (entire) GOP leadership structure thinks of the American people.

Since race is where this started, can we say Chip Saltsman? Not fair to use him to blanket the whole GOP? Probably not, but that's where cherry picking leads.

Like him or not, Pres. Obama rarely mentioned race during his campaign for the White House, much less made an issue of it. With the exception of the speech he gave in which he described his late grandmother's fear of encounters with black men, you can count on one hand the number of times the subject escaped his lips.

Let Holder be responsible for his words. But the kind of generalizations that put blame for those words on the whole administration always backfires, regardless of which party is in power.

For Independicanocrats everywhere, I'm outta here like Soul Train.


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I agree with you completely, you can't characterize the administration by what Holder says any more than you can characterize the Republican Party by what Gingrich says. You can characterize what Holder says and what Gingrich says, and that's about it. Anyone got a beer?

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