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It's not attempted murder...if you know people

You may remember that last summer I wrote a post about the wife of the Fort Lauderdale, FL, chief of police, having been arrested and charged with various offenses after taking her husband's service weapon and firing several shots in his direction while he slept in bed.

Eleanor Adderly missed Frank Adderly, fortunately. But she continued to brandish the weapon and chased her husband to a neighbor's home.

So, Mrs. Adderly is apparently close to a plea deal that will save her from serious jail time.

One of the reasons is prosecutors have not charged her with attempted murder... even though she fired a gun at her sleeping husband.

See, Mrs. Adderly says she wasn't trying to strike Chief Adderly with bullets; she only wanted to scare him. I recommend shouting "boo!" in those situations.

Anyway, I guess "oops, my bad!" is all the defense you need in this scenario.

So apparently, if you're connected and you shoot at someone inside a house or at least fire in their direction, it's called "shooting into an occupied dwelling."

But if you're not connected and you do it, it's called you're going away for 10 years or longer.



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Monty Parker

Precisely! I think you're getting the hang of how this juice works. It's no different than Wesley Snipes goes to jail for tax evasion, while Timothy Geithner becomes the 75th Secretary of the Treasury after paying his back taxes that the nominating committee found him to be in arrears. He had actually beaten the statute of limitations, but who wants to let the guy who runs the IRS be a tax cheat. Otherwise, do you really think he'd have coughed up the $40K? What exactly is your position on Santa and the Easter Bunny?

So use your reporter juice, and cozy up to the Chief of Police, the Mayor, and as many City Councilpeople as you can. Knowing Judges is also good. In other words, start running in better circles than other reporters. You have the wardrobe and the wife.

On a serious note, please ask Todd Wright why the last sentence of his breaking news article was:

"Frank Adderley was hired as Fort Lauderdale's first black police chief a little more than a month before the incident."

The sentence stood out as the last paragraph, and I felt it was data that was more appropriate to be included as part of the body of the story, like Frank Adderly was hired a month before the following incident occurred. I'm not an editor, but I hated this as a last paragraph. My personal taste perhaps, or maybe I am not expressing myself properly.

James B.

Ha! Monty, you're joking about that connections thing, but I got pulled over two days ago while driving to an interview. And the officer who pulled me over was justified in doing so, but after he had me on the side of the road he proceeded to be a jerk and taunt me, even indicating that although he might not ticket me he might just keep me sitting there indefinitely, just because he could.

Anyway, 15 minutes into this stop, with no end in sight another officer drove by. The second officer is a friend of mine. The first officer saw my buddy and me wave at one another, so he handed me back my license and said "Oh, OK, you can go then. I probably wasn't gonna ticket you anyway."

He then scolded me for not dropping my buddy's name before and letting him know I was friends with a cop.

My response to him? Why should I have to drop a name in order to get you to not hassle me? Ticket me or let me go. But don't taunt me 'cause you think I'm dirt, then let me go when you're worried I know someone senior than you.

James B.

And Monty, I'll forward your question to Todd.

ɔıuʎɔıʇsɐɔɹɐs ǝɥʇ

They let her off easy because she has to care of her six kids and her new octuplets.


of course being friends with a cop can go the other way too.
a friend of mine who was friends with a cop said that one day he was walking around the local shopping centre, his friend saw him, turned on the lights and siren, jumped out, threw him to the side of the car, patted him down, handcuffed him, put him in the back seat, drove off, and then asked him if he wanted a lift home.


I just can't figure out how the tax cheat was approved to be head of the IRS. Does that mean he'll know how to recognize other cheats? At least the other cheats removed their names. Are there no honest politicians?

(your comment about the policeman pulling you over reminds me of last spring when my brother got stopped about 2 hours away coming to my house. Brother is 63 year old professional, driving his wife's very nice car.
The officer was a total jerk. My little gray haired sister was in the car, and my brothers wife. They all told me about what a jerk a-double-s the policeman was. He treated them all like criminals. they should have reported him)

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